Optical Illusion: Find an empty mug in 10 seconds, then you will be called a genius

In the optical illusion test we have brought for you today, out of a lot of full mugs, one mug is empty. You have to tell in 10 seconds where is that empty mug.

Did you see the empty mug?

Image Credit source: Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

riddles Who doesn’t like solving? If you have such a hobby, then optical illusion Can prove to be the best option for you. Actually, it not only helps in sharpening your mind but it also tests your IQ level. Today we have one such for you optical illusion Have brought a test, in which you have to find and tell the empty mug out of a lot of filled mugs. But you only have 10 seconds to do this. Then what’s the delay? Run your eagle eye and find the empty mug.

The optical illusion picture you see below, you will see a lot of mugs of different colors. To make this brain teaser even more fun, many things have been included in it. Like, candy sticks, mufflers, marshmallows, hot chocolate and much more. Apart from this, to create confusion, the artist has also made bears, foxes and rabbits in the sketch. By the way, as easy as this illusion looks, it is not as much. To find the empty mug, your eyes should be like an eagle, only then you will be able to find it in due time. If you are ready to take this challenge, then your time starts now.

Did you see that empty mug?

Let us tell you that this brain teaser has been designed to test your vision and reasoning skills. You will see many mugs in the picture. One of the mugs is empty. This is kind of the first clue for you. Now run your eyes and tell where is the empty mug? If you still can’t see the empty mug, look at the corners of the picture. Now maybe you will see that.

If you have solved this puzzle, then surely you have excellent eyesight and observation skills. At the same time, if you are still looking for the empty mug, then there is nothing to worry. Below we are sharing the picture in which the answer to this riddle is hidden. The empty mug is of red colour.

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