Optical Illusion: Cantaloupe is hidden among the oranges, find it in 10 seconds

Today we have again brought you the optical illusion test, a piece of melon is hidden somewhere among the peeled oranges in the picture. The challenge is that you have to find and tell in 10 seconds.

Can you see the melon hidden among the oranges?

Image Credit source: Genial

social media But there has been a flood of such pictures, in which people are losing their sweat in solving the hidden riddles. Actually, the things that people see at first sight in these pictures are not actually there. This is the deception of our eyes. But when people look at the picture carefully again and again, puzzle gets resolved. Note that similar pictures optical illusion of goes. Today we have brought a similar picture for you, in which you have to find and tell the hidden melon in 10 seconds.

In today’s optical illusion test, a slice of melon is kept somewhere between a lot of peeled oranges. But the designer has hidden it so cleverly that in finding the cut part of the melon, the chemical has become elastic in the minds of the people. In other words, those who claim to have hawk-like eyes, will also give up on solving this optical illusion. Then let’s see if you can find the cut part of the hidden melon. But keep one thing in mind that you have only 10 seconds to do this. Your time starts now. Take a look at the picture below and tell where is the melon?

Did you see melon?

Research says that people who show interest in solving puzzles, their IQ level is also higher. Because, puzzles exercise your brain, which also increases your focus level. We think you must have cracked today’s optical illusion by now. At the same time, if you are still confused in finding melons among the oranges, then it does not matter. Let us help you a little in finding it. As we have told you earlier that puzzle designers hide things in the corners or in the middle.

Yes, now you might have understood our gesture. So now let’s assume that you must have found the cut part of the melon. By the way, for those who are still sweating, we are telling in the red circle in the picture below where is the piece of melon.

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