Optical Illusion: A bird is sitting on a tree, 99% fail to find it

If you find the woodpecker hidden in the picture within 10 seconds, then understand that your eyesight is as sharp as an eagle. By the way, the bird is not going to be easily visible to you.

did you see the bird?

Image Credit source: Twitter/@bmbalap

optical illusion That is, a picture deceiving the eyes. These days social media But there is a flood of such pictures. Seeing the picture that has now come to the fore, people’s minds are baffled. Actually, the woodpecker is sitting on a tree, but even after all the efforts, it is not visible to the people. The challenge is if you can within 10 seconds woodpecker If you find out, then understand that your vision is as sharp as that of an eagle. By the way, the place where the bird is sitting, you will not be able to see it easily. so are you this optical illusion Ready to take on the challenge?

IFS officer Balamurugan P shared this picture on Twitter. This picture has been taken at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, but you can also call it a perfect example of optical illusion. Because, on seeing the picture, a chemical reaction has happened in the mind of the people. They are not able to understand that where is the bird? If you think that your vision is as sharp as that of an eagle, then you can take up this challenge. But you have only 10 seconds to find it.

Have you seen the woodpecker?

As you can see in the viral picture, only the thick trunk of the tree is visible. Some leaves are also visible, but there is no bird there. At first sight, you will feel that IFS has shared this picture to take a pinch of people. But believe me, a woodpecker is also hidden somewhere in this picture. It seems from the reactions of Twitter users that even after lakhs of attempts, they have not found the bird.

If you are also one of those users, then no problem. Actually, the color of the trunk of the bird and the tree are so similar that the woodpecker is not easily visible to anyone. To remove this dilemma of yours, we are telling in the white circle below where the woodpecker is.

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