Optical Illusion: 5 lemons hidden among the chicks, find them in 11 seconds

The optical illusion we have brought for you today has 5 lemons hidden between the chicks. Now the challenge is that you have to find and tell the hidden lemons in 11 seconds.

Did you see lemons?

Image Credit source: dudolf

,optical illusion‘ is specially designed to deceive your eyes and test your observation skills. It also exercises your brain and improves concentration ability. what we have for you today optical illusion have brought the test, in that chicks in group of 5 Lemon are hidden. Now the condition is that you have to find and tell the hidden lemons in 11 seconds. So let’s see how sharp your eyesight is and whether you are able to solve this puzzle or not.

Before solving the mystery of this illusionary picture, let us tell you that it has been created by the Hungarian artist and painter Gergely Dudas. He specializes in creating optical illusion images. Seeing the sketches and pictures made by him, the minds of the good are baffled. As you can see, Dudas has decorated the chicks in such a way that you will never know where the lemon is in the middle of them. Actually, it is not an easy task to find lemons due to their appearance being almost the same. But still let’s see how sharp your eyes are. You only have 11 seconds to do this and your time starts now.

Have you got lemons?


In the picture you can see that some chicks are talking to each other, while some are wearing goggles and mufflers. There are also some chicks, who are looking here and there with great surprise. If you want to prove yourself to be a genius by finding the lemons hidden among them, then definitely look at the picture from top to bottom and from right to left. For those who still haven’t seen lemons, we are sharing the picture of the answer below.

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Optical Illusion

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