Optical Illusion: 2 words of English are hidden in the picture, people’s heads were confused to find

99 percent of netizens have failed in this optical illusion test. So let’s see how sharp your eyes are and whether you can recognize both the words hidden in those pictures or not.

Did you see both the English words?

Image Credit source: Gamesys

Lo brother… another picture that curds the brain in the world of internet i.e. optical illusion has come to the fore. In this, two English words are hidden behind many spiral lines. You have to tell within 20 seconds what are those two words. By the way, for your information, let us tell you that 99 percent of the netizens optical illusion test I have failed. So let’s see how sharp your eyesight is and whether you are able to identify both those words within the stipulated time or not.

Social media is full of unique and funny things. But sometimes such pictures are also viral, which completely turns people’s mind. Actually, there is some riddle hidden in them, which people are given a task to solve. It can be some hidden thing or word. Some Turram Khans solve such initiatives in a jiffy, while many people raise their hands after getting tired and tired. Such pictures are called ‘optical illusion’. Meaning, pictures deceiving the eyes. Something happens in them and people see something else. Now just look at this picture that is going viral. Artist-illustrator Rainbow Riches Casino has hidden two English words between green spiral lines, leaving netizens scratching their heads.

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Did you see both the English words?

Optical Writing Illusion

Image Source: Gamesys

Rainbow Riches Casino has created such an optical illusion, which people are sweating to understand. By the way, if you recognize the word within 20 seconds, then you are a super genius. At the same time, those who still do not understand the words written in the picture, once again focus on the picture. And if even after looking for a long time, you do not understand those two words, then let us help you a little. The first word is FREE and the second word is SPIN.

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