One SMS can empty your bank account! Keep these things in mind to avoid

In Smishing, criminals can cheat you through an SMS. Let us know in detail what is smishing and how you can avoid it.

In Smishing, criminals can cheat you through an SMS.

corona pandemic (Covid-19 Pandemic) In this era, people spend most of their time on smartphones or laptops. people own banking (Banking) They also do most of their work related to online. So cyber criminals (Cyber ​​Crime) are also taking advantage of it. bank fraud in the country ,Bank Fraud, The cases are increasing rapidly. Cybercriminals trap people in their hoax and empty their bank accounts in a few minutes. In this, cybercriminals use different types of methods. One of these methods is also of Smishing. In this, criminals can cheat you through an SMS. Let us know in detail what is smishing and how you can avoid it.

What is Smishing?

Smishing is a combination of short message service ie SMS and Phishing. Phishing means emailing to steal your information. People across the country are receiving messages claiming that there is something wrong with your accounts and they need to be updated. They are also asked to register for a new program. Links and toll-free numbers are used in the message. Through these, bank fraud is done with the person.

Follow these safety tips

  1. First of all, keep in mind that viruses can come in cell phones. That’s why never click on a link from an unknown person.
  2. Also do not share your financial or personal information via email or text message.
  3. Also inform the bank about suspicious emails in which their name and logo have been used.
  4. Apart from this, check your bank account regularly, so that any fraud or unauthorized access to the account can be caught.

Let us tell you that apart from this, there is also a way of spoofing. In website spoofing, criminals create fake websites, whose purpose is to commit fraud. Criminals use the name, logo, graphic and even its code to make the fake website appear true. They can also mimic the URL that appears in the address field at the top of your browser window and the padlock icon at the bottom right.

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