Once a batsman wearing football shoes in the nets, now Rohit Sharma’s big mission will cross

This thing is 17 years old, which has become a part of this issue of our HOWZAT today. This story is so amazing.

Khoob Jamega Ranga with Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid (Photo: AFP)

Rohit Sharma (Rohit Sharma)team india (Team India) And a bigger mission. These three are threaded with a thread. But, there is another link attached to it. And, that link is the person who was seen batting in the nets in football shoes. You can understand how difficult it is to bat in football shoes. But, that veteran player still practiced batting in football shoes on the nets before the match. This thing is 17 years old which is ours today. HOWZAT It has become a part of this issue, so not only because this anecdote is wonderful. Rather, that veteran batting in the nets in football shoes has become an important part of India’s white ball captain Rohit Sharma and Team India’s big mission today.

We are talking about Rahul Dravid. Head Coach of Team India. The story of Rahul Dravid we are referring to is from the year 2005. In a true sense, this unique anecdote was once mentioned by former Australia captain Ricky Ponting in a conversation with Cricket Australia.

Ponting told this anecdote related to Rahul Dravid

In the ICC Super Series, matches were going on between Australia and World XI. Fielding in cricket shoes was difficult due to the wet ground. In such a situation, Ponting asked his fielders to come wearing football shoes. However, upon reaching the nets, Ponting saw that Rahul Dravid, playing for the World XI, had already tried his idea.

Ponting said, “The outfield was very wet. Fielding was difficult in cricket shoes. That’s why I thought that if we ordered football shoes, we would be ahead of our opponents on the field. But, I will never forget that when we reached the nets on the first match day, Rahul Dravid was also batting in football shoes there. And you just imagine how they must have felt on a hard surface. It must have been difficult for them to get a foothold.

Rahul Dravid is now part of Team India’s big mission

However, even after so much preparation, Rahul Dravid could not get the World XI victory against Australia. But, now he has a challenge to make Rohit Sharma’s big mission successful. As the head coach of Team India, this is the responsibility of Rahul Dravid as much as that of Rohit Sharma.

The big mission of Rohit Sharma’s Team India is this year’s T20 World Cup and 2023 ODI World Cup. India has not won any ICC title after 2013. And, these two upcoming ICC tournaments can end his wait. Both Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma are well aware of this.

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