On Twitter, the user asked Anand Mahindra – are you an NRI? Received heartwarming answer from every Indian

Anand Mahindra gave a great answer to the user’s question

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A user on Twitter asked Anand Mahindra if he is an NRI?. Anand Mahindra answered that user’s question very brilliantly. This post of his is becoming very viral on social media.

Anand Mahindra ,Anand Mahindra) you must have known about it. He is a well-known businessman not only in the country but in the world. Although people know him because of his business, but apart from this there is one more thing, due to which he is quite famous and that is social media. He is always active on social media and keeps sharing different types of pictures and videos. some funny post (Funny PostIf you make people laugh and tickle, sometimes your emotional post (Emotional PostIt also brings tears to everyone’s eyes. At the same time, some of his posts are also such, in which he is also seen promising to help people. Right now one of his posts is being discussed a lot, seeing which your heart will be happy.

Now you must know that Anand Mahindra is completely Indian, but after this a user asked him on Twitter if he is an NRI (NRI) Huh?. However, Anand Mahindra answered that user’s question very brilliantly. This post of his is becoming very viral on social media.

Actually, Anand Mahindra recently went to Manhattan (New York City) to hang out with his family.Manhattan) had gone. He shared some beautiful pictures there on Twitter. On his same post, a user asked, ‘Are you a NRI Are you?, to which he answered in a very beautiful way.

After reading the answer given by Anand Mahindra, every Indian will surely be happy. In response to the user’s question about NRI, he wrote that ‘I have come to New York just to hang out with family. I am Hindustani at heart’.

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At the same time, other users have also given different types of reactions on his post. Some have termed his answer as ‘Great Reply’ and some are saying that ‘I am also Hindustani by heart’. At the same time, a user has asked in a very funny way that ‘Sir, are you just like us? In the morning, you come on Twitter to pass the time.

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