Old friend giving relief from expensive oil, so the prices of petrol and diesel are not increasing, know what is the rate in your city today?

Even today the price of petrol and diesel has not changed.

In May, India imported 16 percent of its crude oil requirement from Russia, which is getting a discount of $ 30 per barrel. This is the reason why refining companies are getting relief.

today also price of petrol and diesel ,Petrol-Diesel Price) has not changed in any way. On the one hand, crude oil in the international market (Crude oil price) is increasing. At this time it has reached the level of $ 123. Despite this, the price of petrol and diesel is not changing in our country, so Russia has a big contribution in this. Russia is selling its oil to the world at 30% discount. India is taking advantage of this and is being imported from Russia on a large scale. As a result, Russia has become the second largest supplier to India. He has left Saudi Arabia behind. Iraq is at number one.

In the capital Delhi today, the price of petrol is Rs 96.72 and the price of diesel is Rs 89.62 per liter. Petrol in Mumbai is being sold at Rs 111.35 and diesel at Rs 97.28 per liter. On the other hand, in Chennai, the price of one liter of petrol is Rs 102.63 and the price of diesel is Rs 94.24. Apart from this, the price of petrol in Kolkata today is Rs 106.03 and the price of diesel is Rs 92.76 per liter. If we compare the current prices of petrol and diesel in 4 metros of the country, then the prices of oil are highest in Mumbai and the prices of petrol and diesel are the lowest in Delhi.

India imported 16 percent of its oil from Russia in May

Industry data shows that the country’s refining companies have started buying Russian crude oil available at huge discounts after the Ukraine war. Indian refining companies had bought about 25 million barrels of Russian crude in May. It accounts for 16 per cent of India’s total crude oil imports. For the first time in April, Russia’s share of total crude oil imports through India’s sea reached 5 percent. According to the data, in the first quarter of last year i.e. 2021 and 2022, it was less than one percent. India is the third largest crude oil importer and consumer country in the world.

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India buys maximum oil from Iraq

Iraq remained India’s top supplier in May and Saudi Arabia is now the third largest supplier. India has taken advantage of exemptions to increase crude oil imports from Russia at a time when global energy prices are rising. India imports 85 percent of its oil requirement. India used to import 27 percent of its oil from Iraq, 17 percent from Saudi Arabia and 13 percent from the UAE. However, Russia has now replaced Saudi Arabia.

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