Now fastag will not be needed on toll, government is going to make a big change

GPS technology: Every year the country suffers a loss of 1 lakh 45 thousand crores due to the jam on the toll plaza due to non-arrival of vehicles on time.

Toll Plaza

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New Toll Plate : If you pay the toll by stopping at the toll plaza, then now there is no need for you to stop at the toll plaza and pay the toll. Because the Government of India is planning to introduce a new toll collection system on National Highways to ease the movement of vehicles and people. A plan is being made to implement the toll system.

ANPR will read the license plate of the vehicle and later the toll will be deducted from the vehicle owner’s bank account for payment. ANPR cameras will be installed by the system at entry and exit points to click pictures of license plates of passing vehicles. ANPR cameras can be a better option to replace the existing FASTag at tolls to ease traffic.

According to a report by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM Calcutta, oil worth about Rs 1 lakh crore is wasted due to vehicles standing at the toll plazas and about 45 thousand rupees every year due to the jam at the toll plaza. There is a loss of crores of rupees, that is, due to toll nakas overall, the country suffers a loss of 1 lakh 45 thousand crores. In such a situation, GPS system is going to start soon to save your pocket and the economic loss of the country.

Please tell that through this new technology, the number plates of the vehicles will be scanned. Also, the toll amount will be deducted from your bank account as soon as you cross the toll plaza. The information about this system was given by Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari during the parliamentary session last year. Due to this, rigging in toll collection will also be stopped. Through GPS, exactly the same amount of money will be deducted from your bank account as you will cover the distance.

There will be a big change in the number plate

Now the number plate installed in your vehicles will not be normal but it will have a GPS system. The Union Transport Ministry has ordered the installation of GPS number plates in new vehicles. On the other hand, in old vehicles, the old number plate will have to be removed and a new number plate will be installed. In this, the GPS system will be attached to the number plate. Along with this, a software will be installed, due to which the toll will be automatically deducted as soon as you reach the toll plaza.

This will get rid of the long queues at the toll plaza. Also, you have to pay toll according to your distance. At the same time, the rigging in toll can also be stopped.

Tax will be fixed through GPS

Now the amount of your toll will be decided through GPS. Please tell that now every 60 kilometers there is a toll plaza on the highway, that means at least you have to pay toll tax for 60 kilometers. Even if you drive less, you have to pay the full amount, but after the implementation of the GPS system, if you get off the highway after covering a distance of 30 km, you will have to pay tax for 30 km. With this, you will be able to easily avoid paying more tax.

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English News Headline : Toll recovery on National Highway with GPS technology.

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