Not only returns, youth are also investing in Cryptocurrency because of its technology.

Talking about returns, cryptocurrencies have made their investors rich in the last two years. This year there is little hope of such a big rally in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum.

Blockchain technology is attracting youth.

Cryptocurrency The passion for it is not hidden from anyone. Despite the absence of regulation, the interest and confidence of investors towards it is increasing continuously. If you had invested 1 lakh in bitcoin a year ago, then today its value would have been around 1.7 lakh rupees. At the same time, the value of investment in the stock market would have been only 1.2 lakh rupees.

The boom in the number of crypto investors in our country is not just about the returns they get. A large number of crypto investors also like this technology very much. Most of the investors who invest in cryptocurrencies are younger than 35 years of age. These young people are betting on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is based on this technology. Furthermore, the multiple apps that offer an opportunity to invest in crypto are designed so techno friendly and easy that investors just need to think. Investments can be made in minutes.

What to expect for cryptocurrencies in 2022

The Times of India has sought to understand from the young investors of Kipto what their goal is. What are they thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies and what are their expectations regarding cryptocurrency regulation in 2022. Blockchain is a secure de-centralized ledger system. Cryptocurrencies are based on this technology. An app developer from Bangalore said that my family is facing a land dispute. If this problem is put on the blockchain ledger, then the whole game will become transparent.

Investing because of technology

A law student said that cryptocurrencies are more technology than investment for him. I prefer de-centralized technology. That is why, I am in favor of cryptocurrencies. If you understand blockchain technology, then you can also understand that it can easily solve many problems. It is completely transparent and there is no scope for duplication.

Blockchain technology of the future

Cryptocurrency is not yet regulated in our country. It cannot be used as a transaction. Despite this, youth are investing in it, because they believe that it is the technology of tomorrow. However, everyone is afraid of ban from the government. In such a situation, they keep their crypto investments quite limited. Most of the investors said that we invest as much as we can afford to lose. In such a situation, even if a ban is imposed, then we are ready for the loss.

easy to invest

Crypto investors also say that due to blockchain technology, investing in it can be done very easily. The big banks of the world are not able to provide as much convenience to the investors in stock trading as these cryptocurrency platforms are providing to their users.

Invest in a downturn

One thing was common to all during the conversation. All the investors said that they wait for the right time to invest in crypto. When it falls, we buy and don’t want to sell unless absolutely necessary. Some investors also said that the Reserve Bank is against private cryptocurrencies. Instructions issued to the Bank from time to time. In such a situation, if you want to sell crypto holdings, then there is a problem in withdrawing funds.

Keep Investment Limited in Portfolio

In the last two years, cryptocurrencies have made their investors rich when it comes to investment and returns. This year there is little hope of such a big rally in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum. These currencies are showing a decline in the short and medium term. Another common factor showed up among investors. These people have invested only 5-10 per cent of their portfolio in the form of cryptocurrencies.

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