Not once but three times the snake had bitten Salman Khan, said- ‘Tiger is also alive, snake is also alive’

Salman Khan was bitten by a snake at his farmhouse on Saturday night. After which he was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. Now his health is fine.

Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was bitten by a snake at the Panvel farmhouse. After knowing this news, his fans were upset. Everyone was worried about Salman. But after that he was taken to the hospital and now he is completely fine. Salman spoke to the media on the birthday. After that he told about this incident.

Every year Salman Khan celebrates his birthday with family and friends at Panvel Farm House. This time also he did the same. Salman came out of the farm house and talked to the media and told about the snake bite incident. Also gave an update of his health.

Salman Khan was bitten by snake thrice

ANI In a conversation with Salman Khan told that a snake had come in my room, seeing which the children were scared, so I was taking it out of the stick. He came with the stick to my hand. After that I grabbed him with the other hand so that I could release him. When our staff saw the snake, they thought that it was poisonous, after which what they did, after that the snake bit me not once but thrice.

is fine now

After this incident on Saturday night, Salman was immediately taken to MGM Hospital for treatment. From where he was discharged on Sunday. Salman further told that after that we went to the hospital. We also took the snake with us after handling it, where we came to know that it is not poisonous. Still I stayed in the hospital for 6 hours and was injected with anti venom. I am fine now.

don’t kill the snake

Salman Khan told that he is feeling better and he has not killed the snake. When I came back, we let the snake go. My sister was very scared so I clicked a photo with a snake for her. Befriended the snake. After that Salman said that my dad asked what happened? Is the snake alive? So I said tiger is also alive, snake is also alive.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan is celebrating his 56th birthday today. Fans on social media are wishing him a happy birthday.

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