North Korean hackers stole cryptocurrency worth 3000 crores, Kim Jong uses this money in nuclear program!

The amount stolen by hackers is close to 10 percent of Korea’s military budget. Kim Jong uses this fund for the nuclear program and missile program.

North Korea spends hacking money on military programs.

in corona era Cryptocurrency The speed with which the craze for crypto has increased, in the same way there has been a lot of boom in crypto fraud. According to a Bloomberg report, North Korea (North Korea) hackers stole cryptocurrency worth $ 400 million i.e. about 3000 crores in the year 2021. Last year, North Korean hackers attacked cryptocurrency platforms at least seven times and stole $400 million worth of cryptocurrency. It has registered an increase of 40 percent as compared to 2020. This report has been shared by blockchain research firm Chainalysis.

Korean hackers originally targeted cryptocurrency exchanges and investment funds. It was said in this report that this act of North Korea is very poor. Its identity is developing as a country that is working to promote cryptocurrency crime. It has been said in this report that the ruler Kim Jong Un supports hackers there.

Kim Jong is supporting hackers

The United National Security Council (UNSC) also says that the rulers of North Korea help hackers. With the help of this fund, the Nuclear Arms Program is being supported. Apart from this, North Korea is also struggling with global sanctions, due to which its financial condition has worsened. In this way with the help of hackers kim jong They are also supporting the economy.

10 percent of the military budget this amount

The research firm says that in 2020, this amount is 1.5 percent of the size of North Korea’s economy. The amount stolen by hackers is close to 10 percent of Korea’s military budget. US National Intelligence says that Kim Jong uses this fund for the nuclear program and missile program.

Funds are used carefully

It has been said in the report that when hackers steal the fund, then money laundering of this fund is done very carefully. The pressure of economic sanctions on North Korea is increasing. America is considering fresh sanctions. In such a situation, the foreign minister said that if something like this happens then the consequences will be serious. Let us tell you that North Korea had recently tested a hypersonic missile.

army of 6000 hackers

It is believed that there are more than 6000 members in Kim Jong’s cyber army. These are known as Bureau 121. This has been claimed in the intelligence reports of South Korea and America, although these documents are completely secret.

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