New Instagram Feature: Instagram is testing the new tool, now the age of the users will be known by face scanning

Instagram is testing a new tool. Through this tool, Instagram will guess the age of the users through face scanning. Apart from this, in this way users will be able to give proof of their identity on Instagram. This tool has been started in America.

Instagram is testing a new tool. through this tool Instagram Through Face Scanning, the age of the users will be estimated. Instagram has two purposes behind doing this. The first purpose is to guess the real age of the users and secondly to proof their online identity. Instagram has started testing it with US users. This feature has not started in India yet, but it is believed that soon Instagram can start this feature for Indian users as well.

Age verification can be done like this

According to the meta platform, there will be two ways to verify the age, in one, users will be able to upload their ID proof, so that their exact age can be ascertained. Apart from this, video selfie will also have to be uploaded, due to which Yoti technology (Face recognition technology) will guess the age of the users. According to Instagram, Meta and Yoti will automatically delete the ID proof and video images as soon as age is verified.

Users policy will be decided according to age

According to Erica, Data Governance Director of Meta, the users policy will be decided according to age, for example, if a teenager between 13 and 17 years old is on Instagram, then he will be shown content according to his age. Apart from this, facilities like private account, preventing unwanted content will be provided.

Followers will also be able to confirm age

Another option has been given to verify the age, in which the user can select three followers, who will confirm that what is the age of the user, the age of the followers doing this is a mandatory condition to be more than 18 years.

Earlier there was a plan to launch Instagram Kids

Before testing this tool, Instagram had made up its mind to launch its kids platform, in which it was mandatory for a child or teen to get the consent of their parent before joining Instagram, the company’s plan was to provide ad free good content to children in Instagram Kids be made available, but the law makers and advisors of the US suggested to drop this plan, after which the company started working on the tool of age verification.

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