Netflix show accused of abetting the girl’s suicide, court canceled the case

Girl Suicide after watching content ? The court has refused to accept the argument that the girl committed suicide after watching the Netflix show. After which the people are divided into two groups. Some still consider it responsible for suicide.

Netflix’s Show 13 Reasons Why (13 Reasons Why)

OTT Platform (OTT) As for netflix (Netflix) It is considered to be the top streaming platform. There have been many such content streams on this which people like very much. Where this OTT platform holds the number one ranking due to its large viewership. At the same time, how a family in America had filed Netflix content in August 2021, citing the reason for the death of their daughter. Now US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has decided in the interest of Netflix (Case dismissed) narrated.

Family complaint dismissed

In fact, in 2020, a family filed a lawsuit against streaming giant Netflix, alleging that their daughter’s death was aired on Netflix’s ’13 Regions Y’. (13 Reasons Why) Because of watching the show. There were some scenes in this show that inspired his daughter to commit suicide. In such a situation, he considers this platform responsible for the death of his daughter and pleads for justice, but US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, while giving his verdict in favor of Netflix in this case, said that of course the family is upset by the death of their daughter. But no platform can be held responsible for his daughter’s death. As such, this complaint is baseless.

Watch the trailer of the show here

According to the report of Hollywood Reporter, the family does not agree with this decision of the court. While on social media, two factions have been formed in this whole matter. Where many people are standing with the victim’s family, many people consider the court’s decision right. Supporting Netflix.

Offensive scenes removed from the show

However, in view of the growing controversy over the show’s objectionable scenes, Netflix has removed the nearly three-minute-long suicide scene in the season one finale, ending with four seasons in 2020. Netflix has become the largest OTT platform in India. It has been less than five years since it was launched in India, but in terms of content, it is far behind in competing with other platforms. It remains number one in the whole world on the basis of its content. However, for the last few months, there has been a lot of pornographic content in it. In which there are many objectionable scenes. There may be a ruckus in India regarding its content in the coming times.

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