Narendra Modi is a Pakistani Agent: Firhad Hakim,Mayor Kolkata

Day by day, the language of political leaders becoming abusive. A long time ago, Firhad Hakim mentions west Bengal as a ‘Mini Pakistan’ in a Pakistani Newspaper ‘The Don’. Now, this Firhad Hakim said that Narendra Modi is a Pakistani Agent.

This Time Mohuya Moitra stands as a Trinamool candidate in Krishnanagar, Nadia. Kolkata Mayor, Firhad Hakim announced a rally in Nakshipara Patpukur for supporting Mohuya Moitra. And There Firhad Hakim made a controversial comment.

According to Firhad Hakim, ”Narendra said we made Surgical strike, as a fearless, we Surgical strike, in that way, in this way, So, Narendra Modi helping Pakistan by releasing secret Data. So, Narendra Modi is a Pakistani Agent”.

The real fact is the opposition of Narendra Modi, clearly understood that Narendra Modi government did a great job by Surgical strike, and Maximum Indians are supporting him for that Reason. But the worst thing is, that those opposition does not believe in Indian Airforce, the Indian army as well as another security system. Mentioning Sirajudollha and Mirjafor Firhad Hakim said Narendra Modi is like Mirjafor.





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