Naagin 6: Will the practice be successful in saving the life of husband Rishabh after the mother gives him poison? Know the new twist of Tejashwi Prakash’s serial

Will Pratha be able to save the life of husband Rishabh?

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In every episode of Colors TV serial Naagin 6, new twists are seen by the audience. So let’s have a look, what big twists are going to come in the coming days in the serial Naagin.

Colors TV famous serial Naagin 6 In (Naagin 6) today we saw that the mountain of sorrows has broken on the practice (stunning light). The Rishabh whom she has slowly started falling in love with, that Rishabh, her husband only threw her out of the house. Actually Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) tries to expose Rishabh’s friend in front of the family but Rishabh’s mother and his friend together prove the practice wrong in front of Rishabh. Actually Rishabh’s mother and his friend know the reality of the practice. That’s why he wants to remove the practice from his way by separating this husband and wife. This is the reason why he has distanced Pratha and Rishabh from each other.

The way Rishabh takes Pratha’s hand and throws her out of the doorstep of the house, she breaks down a lot. He gets emotional while remembering those golden moments again and again. However, at the moment she chooses the security of her country ahead of her personal life. On the other hand, Rishabh’s mother manages to dissolve the poison in his heart for custom. She assures him that Pratha hates him. Seeing his mother like this, Rishabh turns red with anger.

Poison given to Rishabh

Rishabh tells his mother that he will remove Pratha from his life. In fact, by making Rishab a pawn, his mother and the demons want to target the practice together. Therefore, she feeds her own son by mixing poison in milk because he can blackmail the practice. On the other hand Pratha and her sister continue their search for Amritkumbh. However, when she comes to know that her Kumbh is under the ground, Pratha immediately agrees to go there, but her sister reminds her that her powers are weak and thus she cannot go under the ground like this.

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Will Pratha be able to save Rishabh’s life?

In order to increase their powers, Pratha decides to perform a tandav in front of Mahadev. Let me tell you, whenever any remaining serpent performs a tandava, then the rain turns into a storm and finally when the tandava reaches Mahadev, then the earth opens up. The custom also wants this and so she starts doing tandava in the temple of Mahadev and her orgy becomes successful and the practice goes inside the Hades to get the Amrit Kalash. Next week we will see that in return for Rishabh’s life, his mother customarily asks for Amrit Kalash. Now whether the practice is successful in protecting her husband’s life and country, it will be interesting to see.

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