Musk doesn’t deal with losses, see old records, Twitter’s answer will be found

Musk has made such decisions in the last 15 days, due to which speculations have started about the future of Twitter. But here we will tell you such figures that you can guess that Musk is not a raw player in the business.

Elon Musk is an expert in business strategy

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Twitter And Elon Musk Most of the headlines are these days. The reason is such decisions of the company’s new boss Musk which has shocked the whole world. Sometimes the news of retrenchment and sometimes the complete dissolution of the board. Musk has taken such quick decisions in the last 15 days that now Twitter There have been speculations about the future of But here we will tell you such figures, seeing which you can guess that Musk is not a raw player in the business.

At the age of just 24, Musk invested only $ 28000 in a company ZiP2 and in four years made the company so big that Compaq acquired it, that too for $ 22 million. Means in 4 years, Musk converted the investment of $ 28000 into $ 22 million through this company.

Understand the power of Musk with these figures

year company Investment outcome Earnings/Market Cap
1995 zip2 28000 dollars compaq bought 22 million dollars
1999 PayPal 15 million dollars ebay bought 180 million dollars
2002 SpaceX 100 million dollars Musk owns the company $127 billion (market cap)
2003 ever dream 1 million dollars dell bought 15 million dollars
2004 Tesla 70 million dollars Musk owns the company $573 billion (market cap)
2005 game trust 1 million dollars Real Networks bought 1.5 million dollars
2006 solar city 35 million dollars Acquisition in Tesla
2011 deep mind $1.65 million google bought 92 million dollars


bet on them too

Elon Musk invested in all the above mentioned companies and earned huge profits from them. Talking about DeepMind, Musk invested only $ 1.65 million in this company in 2011 and sold it to Google for $ 92 million in just four years i.e. in 2014. At the same time, two of Musk’s ambitious products Tesla and SpaceX are still with him.

Tesla is Musk’s ambitious project

However, Tesla’s financial condition has been a bit messed up for the past few days. But talking about the initial figures, Musk had invested $ 70 million in Tesla in the year 2004. Then came its IPO in 2010. In the present era, its market cap has reached close to $ 573 billion. You can get an idea of ​​Musk’s strategy and power from this figure.

SpaceX did amazing

On the other hand, if we talk about Musk’s other company SpaceX, then when Musk started it, people were saying that how is it possible that how a private company can make a rocket, but Musk not only did it but also made 100 million dollars. The market cap of this investment company reached $ 127 billion.

future of twitter

This is all about the figures, now let’s talk about the current condition of Twitter. Actually Musk knows how to make profits and that is why he is taking quick decisions regarding Twitter. Whether it is blue tick verification charge, subscription model or earning money through videos. Musk has made it clear from his decisions that he wants to bring Twitter out of losses and bring it to profit. Now tough decisions have to be taken for such a difficult task which Musk is taking.

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