Mother is not like that! 3-year-old daughter thrown in bear enclosure, see shocking CCTV footage

This shocking case is of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Where a woman brings her three-year-old girl to the zoo. Then pushes the daughter to die in the bear’s enclosure. This whole matter was captured in the CCTV present there.

The mother who threw her daughter into the bear enclosure has been arrested (Image: YouTube video screengrab)

It is said that God cannot reach everywhere, so he created mother. Because a mother can cross any limit to save her child from trouble. But what if a mother becomes the enemy of her child’s life? Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan) of Tashkent (TashkentA similar shocking case has come to light. Where a mother reaches the zoo on the pretext of walking her baby girl and then pushes her innocent little girl to die in the bear enclosure. This whole matter is present there on CCTV (CCTV footage) was imprisoned in video viral on social media It is done. Whoever has seen this video is shocked. Everyone is cursing this Kaliyugi mother a lot. Thankfully, the zoo staff reached the bear enclosure in time and took the girl out safely.

According to media reports, in the past, a 3-year-old girl had come to visit the zoo with her mother in Tashkent. After this his mother stood near the railing of his enclosure to show him to the bear. Everything was going well. But after a few minutes such an incident happened there, seeing which everyone present there was stunned. On the pretext of showing a bear, the woman pushed her child into the enclosure from the railing. A CCTV footage of this is going viral on social media. In which the woman can be seen pushing the child.

Watch how a mother threw her daughter in a bear enclosure

In the video you can see that the bear becomes active as soon as the girl falls in the enclosure. After this he immediately runs towards the girl. It is a matter of relief that the bear named Juju did not cause any harm to the girl. The bear just sniffed it and left it. On the other hand, on receiving the news of the girl falling in the enclosure, the zoo staff immediately ran towards the bear enclosure. After this, he took the girl out safely from there. The girl has suffered minor injuries in this incident, but she is very nervous.

According to media reports, after the incident, the girl’s mother was taken into custody by the police. The woman has been accused of attempt to murder the child. If she is found guilty of this, she will be sentenced to at least 15 years. At the same time, the spokesperson of the zoo says that the woman had deliberately thrown the girl into the enclosure. Apart from this, the people present there have also said the same in their statement. People say that we even tried to stop the woman then, but by then she had thrown her child into the bear enclosure. However, nothing has been known so far as to why the woman did this.

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