Monkey presented a unique example of humanity by rescuing the cat that fell in the well, heart touching VIDEO went viral on social media

In today’s time, even though the duty of humanity is from within humans, but even today this noble duty has been kept within the animals. Recently, a video related to this has surfaced.

monkey showed humanity

Humanity is not only in humans, but animals also play it well with this. A similar video has surfaced in recent days. Seeing which you will also say that even though this noble duty has ended from within humans, but animals still have kept it inside themselves. This video, which presents an example of humanity, is rapidly attracting the attention of the people and is being liked a lot by the people.

In the video that is going viral, you can see that a cat gets trapped in a well filled with mud and is calling for help, but then the monkey passing by falls on him and he rushes to save him. jumps into the well. But due to the high height of the culvert, he is unable to get out and starts trying to lift it out. But he is unable to get her out. Because he has caught the kitten with both hands, due to which he is not able to get up.

After trying for a long time, when he saw that he could not help him alone, he came and sat on top of the well and waited for someone to come. After a while he sees a girl and he starts walking near her and starts walking around the culvert in front of the girl. So that the girl understands his point. This is what happens. The girl looks inside the culvert and then takes out the kitten.

watch this video

This video has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda from his Twitter account. Which has got more than 5000 likes so far. Also, more than 900 retweets have also come on this video. With this, people are giving their reactions on this.

After watching this video, people have given different types of reactions. One user has written, ‘In today’s time there is humanity in the animal, but at this time man has lost his humanity’. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘We need to learn from them.’ Apart from this, many users have shown that this video is very good by sending different types of emoji on the video. Everyone should learn from this and those who need help, they should definitely help them by showing humanity.

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