Money9 PF Survey: Neither smart phone nor jewellery, know what Indians are buying with credit cards

Credit Card: When you do not have cash and there is no money in ATM card, then you use credit card to buy any goods.

The use of credit cards is increasing day by day across the country. Credit cards are used by most of the people to buy groceries, fuel and clothes. Along with this, credit cards are more commonly used to buy products online on EMI. if you too Credit Card Please note that credit card is a type of borrowing account. When you do not have cash and there is no money in the ATM card, then you can use a credit card to buy any item and you can pay its money later. The use of credit cards for online shopping has seen a sudden spurt in India during the Covid period and the trend continues at a rapid pace. Let us tell you that people are not showing much interest in buying smartphones and jewelery with credit cards. Rather buy a few.

Know what the figures say

According to the data that came in the survey of Money 9, 50 percent of the people of the country use credit cards the most to get groceries. 47 percent for fuel, 38 percent for buying clothes, 33 percent for fees and other bills, 27 percent for restaurants, 17 percent for rail, movie, flight tickets, 16 percent for loan repayments 10 percent people use credit cards for electronic and consumer and 2 percent for other things.

Let us tell you that the figure of spending on credit cards in the country is also increasing rapidly. The number of credit card holders is increasing rapidly. More than 6 crore people use credit cards across the country. If you want to know where most people use credit cards

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Where is the credit card used the most?

Money 9’s survey has revealed that Maharashtra has the highest use of credit cards by 25 percent of the people across the country. This is followed by 13 percent in Telangana, 13 percent Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, 11 percent Delhi, 10 percent Karnataka, 9 percent Haryana, 6 percent Kerala, 6 percent Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, 4 percent Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, 4 percent Gujarat, 3 percent Rajasthan. , 2 percent is used in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and one percent each in Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu.

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