Modi’s immediate diplomacy: America sought help from India in Afghanistan issue

Prime Minister Modi’s diplomacy is now being praised all over the world. US President Donald Trump once again sought PM Modi’s help. This time, he appealed to India to intervene in the Afghanistan case, so long as the US relied on Pakistan in the Afghan case. But now Modi’s diplomacy has blocked the only road of Pakistan, and this time the United States has knocked on India’s door. US President Donald Trump has appealed to India to stay with the United States in the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Trump also mentioned Russia, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan, along with India.

In fact, the United States is upset with ISIS’s activism in Afghanistan. In addition, Donald Trump has promised that he will ensure the return of his troops to America. And so this is a major and revolutionary change in American President Trump’s politics over India’s role in Afghanistan. Trump also sought India’s help in Afghanistan’s creative and development work. However, India has also been continuously involved in the development of Afghanistan.

Trump has not yet asked India to take part in any anti-terrorist operation, and India has not expressed any desire to take part in any such operation. But the fact that the United States has so far sought assistance from India for its military operations has become a major shock to Pakistan. And the shock has become even more deadly as Pakistan is appealing to the US to interfere in Kashmir, and the US is shaking hands with India.

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