Mission Chandrajan – closer to 100% success, says ISRO chief K Sivan.

The mission of ISRO could not compose history of Chandrayaan-II, but Indian scientists have earned respect not only from home and abroad.  The Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) had lost contact with Chandrayan-2’s lander before it landed south of the moon.  In an interview with DD News, ISRO chief Ken Sivan said – We are trying to contact Vikram Lander.  Overall Chandrayaan 2 mission is very close to 100% success.
Lander Vikram separated from orbiter on September 2.  It was supposed to land at the south pole of moon at around 1.30am on Saturday.  Later this time changed to 1.45 in the morning.  Lander was coming down very easily.  Lander successfully completed its roughly breaking episode, moving towards the lunar surface at a good speed.  After that, his contact with the world suddenly collapses.  News has also come out that Lander has not crashed on the ground.  Because the communication channel between the arbiter and the lander is still on.  If Lander crashed, the communication channel would not have been on with the arbiter.

However, the mission of Chandrayaan 2 at a cost of ₹978 crore is still not over. Chandrayaan-2 had three parts – Orbiter, Lander Vikram and Rover Praygya  Although Lander Vikram has lost contact, there is hope from Orbiter.  The orbit during a one-year mission will send several pictures of the moon to ISRO.  It is still rotating at an altitude of 119 km to 127 km from the lunar surface.  Its weight is 2379 kg.  Either.  It also has 8 pads

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