Milk Price: 16 rupees per kg cheaper full cream milk in this city than Delhi, know what is the reason

Amul and Mother Dairy have increased the price of their milk products by Rs 2 per liter from today. Prices have gone up by Rs 4 per liter in 6 months.

Know where you get the cheapest packaged milk

From today onwards your kitchen budget has increased a bit. Actually Amul and Mother Dairy started today milk prices 2 per liter has been increased in Rs. There is an increase in the prices of milk almost all over the country. In such a situation, the question would arise in front of you that where would you get the cheapest milk in the country. So let us tell you that the most economical rates in terms of packaged milk are in Bangalore, the IT capital of the country. Believe it or not, full cream milk here is cheaper by Rs 16 per liter than in Delhi. A scheme of the state government is the main reason for this difference in prices. Due to which even today there is no tension for the people of Bangalore regarding milk.

Know how much is the price of milk across the country

Full cream milk has gone up to Rs 62 per liter in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi NCR and Mumbai after Amul raised the prices. On the other hand, toned milk has become Rs 50 per liter in Ahmedabad and Rs 52 per liter in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Kolkata. The price of double toned milk has increased to Rs 46 per liter. In Chennai, the local dairy cooperative is selling toned milk at Rs 40 and full cream milk at Rs 48 per litre. In Hyderabad, the local dairy cooperative, which provides milk under the name Vijaya, is providing toned milk for Rs 48 and full cream milk for Rs 66. On the other hand, if we look at Bangalore, Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation ie KMF whose brand is available in the market under the name Nandini is providing toned milk at the rate of only Rs 38 per liter and full cream milk at the rate of Rs 46 per litre. That is, toned milk is getting cheaper by Rs 12 per liter in Bangalore and full cream milk by Rs 16 as compared to Delhi.

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Why is the price of milk in Bangalore so low?

A government plan is the reason behind the low price of milk in Bangalore. In fact, due to a scheme, the residents of Bangalore are getting a kind of subsidy in the prices of milk. According to the news of the Indian Express, it started about 14 years ago. In September 2008, Yeddyurappa’s government introduced a scheme of Rs 2 per liter incentive for milk producers to supply milk to KMF-affiliated dairies. In May 2013, the Congress government increased this amount to Rs 5 per liter. At the same time, in November, the BJP government increased this amount to Rs 6 per liter. According to the news, with this scheme, the purchase of milk has increased manifold and has even exceeded the demand. KMF is the second largest dairy in the country. The problem was that as procurement increased, neither the infrastructure of KMF improved nor the marketing network could establish its roots outside the state. According to the data, in 2021-22, KMF procured about 82 lakh kg of milk every day. Whereas its daily sales were less than 50 lakh liters. This is the reason why KMF is providing milk at the cheapest rates in the country and is not increasing the prices to save the demand from falling further.

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