Learn about the major companies that are accepting bitcoin as payment!

Bitcoin never misses coming on the headlines nowadays. You will be pleased to overhear that investing in bitcoin is becoming mainstream these days. However, the chances of spending this digital currency are still limited if we compare it to its adoption because of its extreme volatility. Nevertheless, many companies accept bitcoin, from the big technology companies to the popular airlines. More businesses embrace bitcoin at trustpedia.io and allow its users to use it as the mode of payment. Here are examples of the companies that accept bitcoin.

Pavilion hotels and resorts!

It is the first international hotel chain to accept digital currency payments. You should know that this group owns their properties in Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Phuket and Bali. Recently this company announced that they would accept bitcoin payments. They are doing a partnership with the Coindirect platform, a payment platform.

AXA insurance!

This year, this insurance company allowed its customers to use bitcoin to pay their bills in April. If you are a person in Switzerland looking to get insurance and pay with bitcoin, then AXA insurance is the best suitable option for you. The best thing is that anyone can purchase every type of insurance from them with bitcoin. This decision was taken when the company conducted the research. More than one-third of the people aged between 18 and 55 years are already bitcoin investors, and the rest are looking forward to investing in bitcoin. The customers of this insurance company will get the reference code printed on their bills for the non-life insurance policies. With the help of this reference code, the customer can pay for their premiums with the help of the bitcoin exchange named Bitcoin Suisse. In addition, it will help in converting digital money into fiat currency.


There are big fans of Starbucks all over the world. For some people, it is the central part of their day. If you are also a devotee of Starbucks, then there is a good thing for you. The customers of Starbucks can now make use of the Bakkt app to make payments for drinks and other things. This app will convert this crypto into fiat currency. Bitcoin payments are safe, secure and fast, so people prefer to make payments from this method. Due to the increasing fame and adoption of the bitcoin crypto, the company have taken this decision to increase its customer reach.


Microsoft is one of the most extensive software companies all over the world. So, it is a big thing that this firm is now compliant with bitcoin payments. You will be glad to know that you can use bitcoin crypto to buy many Microsoft company services that comprise Xbox Live and Skype. However, you might not be aware that the company’s significant interest in digital currency doesn’t stop here only. Microsoft has now introduced ION, a double layer authentication site on the bitcoin network, using blockchain technology. The most amusing thing is that instead of authenticating the payments, this technology helps create digital IDs to verify online identities.


Earlier this year, the big shopping company Amazon announced that it would accept bitcoins. So, you can quickly pay for the products you buy from amazon with the help of bitcoin. Well, you should know that this e-commerce company doesn’t presently accept Bitcoin payments. However, you can buy the vouchers from amazon with the payment company Bitrefill which is a platform that helps the payments of the digital currency in a much easier way.


Paypal is the number one platform people use to make online payments worldwide. The users of the Paypal app can now easily make use of this platform for buying, selling, and even holding bitcoin. It doesn’t only help in accepting the bitcoin crypto, but it also accepts the other crypto like Ethereum, bitcoin cash, and Litecoin. Moreover, you can also track your crypto by using this app. However, there is one disadvantage: the money you own cannot be transferred by using the digital wallet of this platform. You can also be involved in the trading of this crypto and other cryptos through this platform.

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