LPG Cylinder Accident: Now compensation of Rs 50 lakh will be given in gas cylinder accident, know what to do

LPG Cylinder AccidentGas cylinders are in a lot of discussion these days due to their increasing prices. This is also common because gas cylinders are used in almost every household today. But in the midst of all this news, do you know that in case of gas cylinder accident, the customer will get 50 lakh rupees Compensation of Yes, in fact, petroleum and gas companies provide their customers with every gas connection. personal accident cover also provide.

50 lakh compensation will be given in gas cylinder accident

As compensation for the loss caused to the customers due to accidents due to gas cylinders. 50 lakh rupees The amount will be given up to Rs. This financial assistance is available to the customer in case of an accident due to leakage or burst in the cylinder. If the customer’s property or house is damaged in an accident, then he should 2 lakh rupees Till the insurance claim is paid. For medical facility in case of accidental injury 30 lakhs per accident Compensation of At the same time, on the death of the person, 6 lakh rupees[incomecompensationisavailable[आयकामुआवज़ामिलताहै।

Must check while taking cylinder

Today, cylinders are used in almost every household. For the safety of all the customers, it is necessary that while buying LPG cylinder, they must check whether the cylinder they are taking is in proper condition or not. There should be no leakage or any other problem. Only by paying this much attention can customers protect themselves and their families. Apart from this, some caution is also necessary while using the gas cylinder in the house, such as keep flammable items away from the gas cylinder etc.

What to do in case of accident?

first of all to you lpg cylinder You will have to inform the nearest police station about the accident and file a report in this regard. After this, the customer’s area is investigated by the concerned agency that what is the real reason for the accident? LPG Cylinder is the cause of the accident, then the LPG distributor agency / area office informs about this in the local office of the insurance company. . After this the claim is filed in the concerned company. For your information, let us tell you that for this, customers do not need to make direct claims or make any kind of application related to it.

know also

  • Based on the order of National Consumer Forum Marketing Disciplin Guidelines 2014 For LPG Distribution According to this, if any such accident happens, then the dealer and the company will be responsible for it.
  • According to Guidelaine, it is necessary that the dealer should check the condition of the cylinder before delivery of the gas cylinder.
  • On taking LPG connection of Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum ICICI Lombard Gives insurance.
  • Keep in mind that this compensation will be available only if the customer is registered with the gas agency.

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