Low Investment Business Ideas: Start these 5 business at low cost, there will be bumper earning every month

Low Investment Business Ideas: If you are planning to start a business with less investment, then you can earn better every month by starting these main businesses at low cost. In today’s time individuals can start different types of business on low cost basis. According to the skill, many types of jobs can be started by women and men, which include sewing, embroidery, weaving to many other types of business.

Along with this, business related to online business can also be started by the person. To start an online business, a person must have the facilities of computer system and internet and software etc.

Low Investment Business Ideas

Business related to food and drink like catering, food truck business, tiffin service etc. can be started by a person according to his skills in less money. Along with this, if you are interested in painting etc., then you can start this business with less investment. Many times it happens that individuals want to start their business but they do not have the means for business startup. But today we have brought here such information for you, under which citizens can earn good money every month by starting various types of jobs at low cost.

Start these 5 business in low cost

pickle making business

Pickle BusinessPickle making business can be started under an individual with an amount of only 10 thousand rupees, this business can be started by citizens from home to increase the income. If the demand for the product increases from the business of pickle, at least 25 thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees can be earned by a person on a monthly basis.

Tiffin Service

Tiffin service can be started by citizens coming under urban areas. This business can be started by the citizen from home. In today’s era, many students and citizens have to move from their city to other cities in search of employment. In such a situation, living away from their family, they have to face problems related to cooking. By starting tiffin business, citizens can earn good money in a month by giving tiffin service.

sewing business

Both men and women can start sewing business sitting at home. This business can be started with low investment. This is a better business to earn good on monthly basis which is very useful especially for women, by starting this business women can earn more income sitting at home. In today’s era, sewing embroidery, weaving is in great demand in big cities. The business of Tailoring/ Embroidery is a basic necessities business which has been running for decades as a business.

tea stall

Tea business can also be started by a person with less investment. For this, the person will need a tea stall and all the necessary things related to making tea, starting this business can earn better by the person per month. For setting up a tea stall, it is necessary to have a good location, such as a place near the office, market, college campuses and educational institutions. On the basis of these places, a person can get good income from tea stall.

handcraft seller

In today’s era, products related to handcrafts are very much liked by the people. You can also start this business from your home. You can earn a good income by starting handcrafts small business by producing various metal utensils, paintings, wooden utensils, carpets, shawls, earthenware etc. Vocal for Local has been started under the Government of India to promote handcrafts products. The work of promoting the sale of handcrafts products has also been started by the government in many states.

You can start these 5 agribusinesses at a small cost, will earn well

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