Loot the offer! People are getting 25 lakhs instead of settling in this city, where would they like to go?

There is also a country outside India, where you will not have to pay money to live, but the government itself is offering you more than Rs 25 lakh for this.

People are getting Rs 25 lakh to settle in Italy’s Presiche (representational image)

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If we tell you that there is a city where lakhs of rupees are being offered to people in return for settling down, what will be your first reaction? It is obvious that you will find our talk funny. But it is true to come sixteen. There is also a country outside India, where reverse Ganges is flowing. For example, you will not have to pay to stay here, rather the government itself will pay you for it. Rs 25 lakh Willing to pay even more. yes, southeast Italy The Presicce city authorities have announced that they will give 30 thousand euros to people to buy and live in vacant houses in the city.

According to local councilor Alfredo Pallis, we have made this plan to bring the economy of Presiche town back on track. Under this, preparations are on to resettle people in many vacant houses built before 1991. Allegedly these houses have been abandoned by their owners. The councilor says that the houses here are full of natural scenery. Apart from this, this city has also historically been the center of wonderful architecture. The application process for this amazing offer can be started soon on the Presiche website. For more information you can check by visiting this website.

How much can you buy a house

Please tell that the cost of the houses in the area is around 25 thousand Euros. With this much money, you will be able to buy a house of 50 square meters here. The interesting thing is that to fulfill this dream of yours, the government is also giving you money, that too more than 25 lakh rupees. Tell that there is Salento city nearby, where you will get to see the wonderful beach of Santa Maria di Leuca along with clear water.

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Even before this, Italy had come in headlines by making a similar offer. Then the government had offered Rs 24.76 lakh to settle the people in Calabria. Then for the purpose of promoting the economy, people were also asked to start new business here.

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