Lockupp: All the prisoners tried Falah as Permanent Lock Inn, now how will you save yourself from the havoc of the chargesheet!

Aazma Fallah Lock Inn

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During the chargesheet task in the last episode, all the prisoners have permanently locked Azam Falah for this week’s chargesheet. Now Aajah will not get any chance to save himself from this charge sheet.

Alt Balaji (Alt Balaji) the show ‘lock up’ As we are moving towards the finale, it is becoming more and more interesting. Twist is being seen every day in jail. With these surprising twists, this number one show of the country (India ka Number One Show Lock Upp) moving towards the finale. The show has now reached such a point where the prisoners need to keep their focus only on the game. Keeping this in mind, the show’s master mind Munawwar Farooqui (Munawar Faruqui) are engaged in using all their strategy in playing the game.

Recently, during a task on the show, Munavvar joined hands with Payal Rohatgi, his biggest enemy in the show. After which Munavwar also got a lot of benefit from this partnership. Both Payal and Munavvar managed to win the luxury budget task for their team by supporting each other during the match. However, this friendship was limited to the task only. At the end of the task, the temporary friendship of both of them again turned into enmity.

During this episode, the prisoners got another important task. This task was to get the prisoners to file charge sheets against each other. But, this time this task was presented in front of the contestants in a different way with a twist. Like every month, this time also the prisoners had to select the name of the weakest prisoner and file it in this week’s charge sheet. But, in this task presented with a twist, the jailer asked the prisoners to do something different.

Jailor Karan Kundrra did a twist in the task

According to Jailor Karan Kundra, the prisoners had to put the name of one prisoner in the charge sheet and lock that prisoner permanently. The prisoner who was locked in this process will remain in the charge sheet for the whole week. Also, this prisoner will not be given any chance to get himself out of the chargesheet. After which all the prisoners except Payal Rohatgi and Azam Falah locked them by putting Azama Falah’s name in the chargesheet.

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These 6 prisoners did ‘lock-in’ to Azam

Let us inform that all the 6 prisoners including Munawar Farooqui, Anjali Arora, Poonam Pandey, Shivam Sharma, Saisha Shinde and Prince Narula have locked Azam Falah for this week. Now Aajah will not be given any chance to get himself out of this week’s chargesheet.

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