Lock your Aadhaar biometric soon, no one will be able to fraud from bank account

Aadhar can be kept completely secure through two factor authentication and biometrics to protect it from incidents of misuse.

Aadhar Card across the country Has become an important document for every person. Along with this, it has also been made mandatory to link Aadhaar number with ration card, PAN card and some other documents and accounts. On the other hand, incidents of misuse of Aadhaar are also increasing rapidly. Cases of misuse of bank accounts keep on coming every day. Cybercriminals are not only committing financial fraud by misusing the Aadhaar of the people, but now they have started using it in some criminal activities as well. The eyes of the fraudsters are mostly on those doing business. That’s why they need to be very careful.

Let us tell you that the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) claims that the data of Aadhaar users is completely secure. But, still some people’s Aadhaar gets misused. In most of the cases, this happens due to the negligence of the Aadhaar users. Data security experts say that if Aadhar users keep in mind some basic things while being alert, then no one can misuse the Aadhar card. To keep Aadhaar safe, special care should be taken of these things. So that no one can tamper with your bank account. Otherwise you may have to suffer a lot of financial loss. So all of you be alert and keep your aadhar safe.

two factor authentication

To protect your Aadhaar from misuse, it is very important to link your mobile number and e-mail with it. In this case one time password i.e. OTP will be required for Aadhaar verification. It will come on the mobile number linked with Aadhaar. Aadhaar cannot be verified without OTP. In this way, misuse of Aadhaar can be avoided. Along with this, if you need to give a photocopy of the Aadhar card to someone, then give him the photocopy of the masked Aadhar card. Masked Aadhaar does not contain the entire Aadhaar number but only the last four digits. With this, Aadhaar verification is done, but due to not showing the complete Aadhaar number, no one will be able to misuse it.

keep biometrics locked

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You can also keep your Aadhaar secure by locking your Aadhaar biometrics. Biometrics lock means that the fingerprints of the thumb, fingers and iris cannot be used by any person against your will. Therefore, by visiting the UIDAI website, any person can lock their biometrics. OTP based authentication continues even after the biometrics is locked. Biometrics can also be temporarily or permanently locked. Whereas the Aadhaar number is hidden in your Virtual Identity (VID) and a temporary 16-digit virtual ID is created. In this, even though the Aadhaar number of the user is not disclosed, but his identity is authenticated. VID is valid only for some time. Due to which your Aadhaar remains completely safe.

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