Lock Upp: Zeeshan Khan raises his hand to try and target girlfriend Rihanna, will Kangana leave the show?

Zeeshan Khan raised his hand on the test

Zeeshan Khan was thrown out of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ due to his quarrel with Pratik Sehajpal. Now once again he has raised his hand on his fellow contestants.

Today’s episode of ‘Lock Up’ saw the biggest and most violent fight ever between the famous prisoner Zeeshan Khan and Azam Falah from Kangana’s jail. Till now we have seen that ever since Azam and Zeeshan have come on this show, they are not getting along at all. They start quarreling with each other over every little thing. However, today’s debate increased so much that Zeeshan raised his hand on Azma Fallah. In fact, even before this, Aamaja has said good and bad about Zeeshan’s girlfriend Rihanna Pandit in ‘Lock Up’. They know that Zeeshan gets very emotional after hearing Rihanna’s name.

In today’s episode as well, Azee and Zeeshan had a face-off and once again in place of Zeeshan, Azee started targeting his girlfriend Rihanna Pandit. Azam told Zeeshan how she must have been begging at everyone’s feet to get work. Hearing these things, Zeeshan initially kept calm and asked him not to comment on his girlfriend. But he did not give up and he started provoking Zeeshan.

Triumph hit the target

Zeeshan got very angry with this attitude of Aamaja and he picked up the suitcase of Aamaja and threw it in the area of ​​the yard. He also threatened Azama that if she continued to speak like this, he would break her face with a hammer. Tried it, still did not sit silent. In anger, Lal Zeeshan tried again and destroyed his bed, medicines and his other belongings. Although his friend Payal tried a lot to stop him, but Zeeshan did not agree.

Zeeshan scuffles

Seeing all this, Trisha also got angry and she emptied her entire box of protein supplements on Zeeshan’s bed. This whole matter was not taking the name of calm. Eventually, Zeeshan angrily pulled a broom from Azam’s hand and hit him in the face. Not only this, Zeeshan also pushed Payal. However, Payal once again came between Zeeshan and Azam and she followed Zeeshan. Let us tell you, Zeeshan was also out of Bigg Boss OTT due to his anger.

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Karan Kundra will take the decision

Let us tell you, both hosts Kangana Ranaut and Karan Kundrra have reacted strongly against Zeeshan’s attitude and made it clear that any kind of violence against women will not be tolerated. Actually, Karan shared a story on his Instagram account and shared that he himself has received a call from Kangana and is going towards the lock-up set to take the final decision.

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