Lock Upp: Munawwar Farooqui and Payal Rohatgi’s team clashed for bread and butter, know who lost

In Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Lock-Up’, every day new and interesting tasks are given to all the contestants and those who win the task are also rewarded. This task is done between both the teams.

Payal Rohatgi lost to Munawwar Farooqui

Ekta Kapoor (Ekta Kapoor) the show ‘lock-up’ ,Lock UpToday in Bread and Butter (Bread and Butter) for Munawwar Farooqui (Munawar Faruqui) of ‘Team Blue’ and Karveer Bohra (Karanvir Bohra) of ‘Orange Team’ collided with each other. In this fight between these two, the task of making ‘mint ki chutney’ was given to both the teams. Whose chutney would be good and more, they were going to be given bread and butter in reward. In this unique task, Munavvar’s team badly defeated Karanvir’s Orange team. Actually, the Blue team did this work together, but as usual, there was no solidarity in the Orange team.

Munawwar’s team got victory

Payal Rohatgi and Mandana started quarreling with each other while making the chutney. Actually Payal had to make chutney alone and during that time she did not need anyone’s help. This is the reason that when Mandana started helping him, she started quarreling loudly with him. Due to this quarrel, neither the Orange team was able to make the chutney properly. Nor did he win this task. The jailer declared Munawwar’s team the winner on the basis of quantity and quality.

Know what Payal has to say

Payal Rohatgi after knowing the result of the task told her team that she does not want to work in the team. She believes in her individual game. The task of Biryani given yesterday was completed by Payal Akeli and her team won in this task. That’s why she was repeatedly saying that she lost today’s task because of Mandana, if she had done this work alone, then perhaps her team would have won this task by defeating Munawar.

Munawwar started fire

Seeing Payal getting angry with his team, Munawar took his side. Seeing this, Karanvir Bohra tried to stop them. Apart from Payal, all the contestants of his team kept telling Munavvar again and again that he should not add ghee to this fire, but Munavvar did not listen to him. Actually Munavvar was joking but Payal Rohatgi took his point to heart and she turned against her entire Orange team.

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