Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut raised her voice against sexual abuse, said – In childhood, a boy older than me wrongly …

Kangana Ranaut raised her voice against sexual abuse

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In Alt Balaji’s reality show ‘Lock Up’, voice was raised against sexual exploitation today. Kangana Ranaut also told Munawwar Farooqui that she should raise this issue at the national and international level.

Munawwar Farooqui (Munawar Faruqui) after revealing about the sexual abuse that happened to him in ‘Lock Up’, all ‘Lock Up’ with the host of the show, Kangana Ranaut (Lock UpThe eyes of the contestants became moist. Kangana told him that Munawwar, so many children are victims of such harassment every year and we never discuss about this on the public platform. Almost everyone has to face this inappropriate touch i.e. unwanted touch in childhood. It happens to everyone, this kind of incident has happened to me too.” Kangana Ranaut ,Kangana RanautEveryone was stunned to hear this.

Kangana further said that in our city, I was very young at that time. Then a boy a little older than me used to touch me inappropriately. But at that time I had no idea what this act meant. I have realized that no matter how protective family you come from, everyone has to go through this phase. The second thing is that before sharing this incident with others, we feel that we ourselves are responsible for it.

Queen actress was also a victim of sexual abuse

Talking about this, Kangana said that such education cannot be given to children at a very young age because then they cannot even understand anything. This is such a big crisis of the society that due to this it affects the children mentally as well. A fear settles in his heart throughout his life. Munawwar and I shared our experiences about child abuse, sexual abuse. In Munavvar’s case he had relatives, in my case a young boy who was 3-4 years older than us, who was exploring his sexuality. We were very young children, we were called, our clothes were taken off and we were checked. During that time we would be only 6 or 7 years old.

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Know what Kangana Ranaut has to say

Explaining further about her exploitation, Kangana said, “We did not understand during that time what was happening to us. But I think a lot of kids go through it.” Kangana also praised Munawar during this time. Munavwar listening to him said that I am not hurt by this whole incident, I have forgiven him. But I am very angry. I can’t forget this. My sister’s kids are small, I have more than 10 kids in my family, I always get protective about them. Wherever we go, I try to be safe.

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