Lock Upp: Ekta Kapoor came to support Kangana Ranaut in the show, called Payal Rohatgi the player number one

Ekta Kapoor came to support Kangana Ranaut

Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Lock Up’ has been seen by more than 300 million people so far and it is being considered as the number one reality show of OTT. The audience is also liking the hosting of Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut ,Kangana RanautToday’s show’s producer Ekta Kapoor herself came in the reality show ‘Lock Up’. On the joy of completing 5 years of her ‘ALT Balaji’ app, Ekta shared today’s full episode (Lock UpCelebrated with Kangana and the contestants of the show. During this, he also disclosed the list of top 5 of his favorite contestants in front of everyone. Ekta Kapoor (Ekta Kapoor) said that Payal Rohatgi (Payal Rohatgi) is number one. He said that the way Payal fights alone, she is quite cool. Payal has clarified in the beginning that she has not come here to make friends, so she is focusing on her own game.

Ekta also said that she would like to see Payal Rohatgi in the final. TV Queen gave second place to Ekta Kapoor’s top 5 list. Ekta also named Azam a ‘Papi’ doll. Not only this, he also said that ‘What do you eat today?’ When Aamaja said that she eats the food of lock-up, Ekta after listening to his words said that she should also eat the food of ‘lock-up’, if after eating that food, a person becomes like Trya. Trying to hear her praises from Ekta Kapoor’s mouth looked very happy.

Anjali’s shell improved

Ekta Kapoor chose Anjali Arora in place of number three in the top 5. He said that after coming from Munawar’s team to Orange team, now he has started liking Anjali’s game. If Anjali continues to play such games, she would like to see him in the finalists. Anjali also looked very happy hearing Ekta’s words. Kangana Ranaut also agreed with Ekta’s words. He also said that after coming to the Orange team, his game has started to shine.

Munavvar reached number five

Ekta named Zeeshan Khan at number four and Munavwar Farooqui and Poonam Pandey at number five. Ekta said that she was liking Manavwar’s game very much but now it seems that she has been left behind in this game. She also said that she wants to see him in the top 5. Ekta and Kangana also praised Poonam Pandey a lot. He said that when Poonam was betrayed by friends, after that her game has come out in the open. He also hoped that he would be able to see Poonam Pandey’s game going ahead.

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