Lock Up Ticket To Finale: Saisha Shinde’s pain over the transgender community, said – Transwomen’s clothes are taken off in public to give proof of gender…

The task of Ticket to Finale took place in the popular show Lock Up. In which the prisoners got a chance to make their place in the direct finale. During this, in the task given by Prince Narula, Saisha announced to donate 50% of her income to the Transwoman Community (LGBTQI+).

Actress Kangana Ranaut (Kangana RanautPopular Show of lock up These days, it remains in the headlines as the number show of the country. Different and interesting twists are seen in the show which are adding to the popularity of the show. Ace designer, Saisha Shinde is seen as a strong contestant in the show. A transgender community in Sayesha Lock Up (LGBTQI+) is representing. Saisha also gets a lot of love from the public. Recently in the latest episode of the show Saisha (Saisha Shinde) made a shocking revelation. After which everyone is praising this decision of Saisha.

In the latest episode, the prisoners are given ticket to finale (Ticket to finale) I got a chance to make my place directly. The episode started with the announcement that whoever wins this task will get a ticket to the finale.

With this, the task started with Prince Narula (Prince Narula) to go ahead in the finale race.Prince Narula) gave a task to Sayesha. Prince Narula, who came on the show as a challenger and trouble maker, gave Saisha a task while giving her a chance to go to the direct finale. In which she said that one of her friends is also part of the transwoman community. He has sent a special message for you. If you want to go ahead, then tell on camera what kind of difficulties transgenders have to face everyday. Sayesha had to say something that would create awareness among people about the trans community. Seizing the occasion, Sayesha revealed that many transwomen are asked to take off their clothes and are forced to publicly prove their gender.

Saisha Shinde appeals to accept the trans community

Saisha further told that due to a few extravagant people, the people of the whole society and their families have to go through some difficulties. trans women (transwomen) has to face humiliation in the outside world, which is why they stop going out of the house. He appealed to the people to kindly tell the world about the challenges being faced by all of you.”

Saisha towards the camera We have to stop this injustice and bring a change in the world. This change can come only when privileged people like me come out and talk openly about it without any fear. Also accept it.

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Sayyeshaa decides to donate 50% of her income to charity

After this Saisha became very emotional. She made a big announcement saying that she promised to donate 50 percent of the amount she is earning from this show to charity. She said that 50 percent of the income I am earning through the show is from trans community NGOs and charitable trusts.Charitable Trust) will donate.

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