LIVE video of the fire in the flight going to Delhi surfaced, users said – ‘Just saved everyone’s life’

SpiceJet plane in flames

Image Credit source: Twitter

A sudden fire broke out in a SpiceJet plane flying from Patna airport to Delhi. As soon as the news of this thing came, there was a stir inside the plane. However, the pilot acted with patience and restraint at the time of this trouble and got the plane landed safely.

A major accident (Patna Delhi Spice Jet flight) was saved in Bihar’s capital Patna. A sudden fire broke out in the wing of a flight coming from Patna to Delhi. After which the pilot saved the lives of 185 passengers sitting in the plane. According to media reports, it is being told that the plane caught fire during takeoff. during this if flight Had the plane been stopped, the plane would have crashed there. Therefore, the pilot first informed the control room with patience and restraint at the time of trouble and after that while circling in the air and then safely landing the aircraft, saved the lives of all the passengers.

Passengers sitting on the window seats present in this flight told that they saw a spark in the engine as soon as the plane took off. Many live videos related to this incident are going viral on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Anyone’s heart can be shaken after seeing it.

watch video here

Users are not only sharing videos on social media but are also saying this through comments. Thankfully no untoward incident happened to anyone in this incident.

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One user wrote, Incredible!!! God saved all the passengers present in this plane. On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘It was really good luck for these passengers. While another user wrote, this is a great example of being unlucky and lucky at the same time. Apart from this, many more people gave their feedback.

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