LG introduced paper-like display, can also be stretched like rubber

LG has lifted the curtain from its stretchable display, in which Micro LED light has been used. Also, it will change the definition of commercial device in future.

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LG has once again surprised everyone with its latest technology. According to LG, it has created the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display. It is a paper-like foldable display, which can be folded in any direction and from anywhere. Also it is stretchable. The company claims that this is a 12-inch screen and it can be stretched to 14 inches. In such a situation, there will be neither any crack nor it will break.

This screen from LG is a step ahead of the foldable screen. LG has prepared this display on its resilient film type substrate. Silicon has been used in this, which works to make this technique perfect.

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LG has written in a blogpost how the MicroLED light source has been used in the stretchable display. Linear wire system has been used in this, so this display becomes flexible display. Also, spring etc. has not been used in it. According to the company, it has strong incredibility and durability.

Will also be used in clothes

The company says that in future it can be used in skin wear, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft etc. Due to being lightweight, this technique can be used in many things. Also, it will help in making many products lighter and thinner.

Foldable phones are becoming popular

In the coming times, the folding screen technology will be increasingly popular among the people. At the same time, its usefulness will also increase. Smartphones with foldable screens are present in the world including India, but they get the option of single fold.

Samsung is also preparing

Apart from LG, Samsung is also working on the new generation of foldable screen. Along with this, Google has also said that it will launch the foldable smartphone. It has been said in many reports that he will launch his phone next year.

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