Know ‘Which friends are good to give up’ in just 5 seconds, watch VIDEO

IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra shared this video on his Twitter handle and wrote in the caption, ‘Know which friends are good to give up’ in just 5 seconds.

Know ‘Which friends are better to abandon’ in just 5 seconds

It is said that friends should be made in life in such a way that they support you every moment, whether you are in happiness or in sorrow. Only then can the true identity of friendship be known. Although the relation of friendship is not related to blood, but it is not less than the relation of blood. Those people are lucky, who find true friends, who are ready to support you all the time. Such people should not be friends at all, who neither care about their own life nor the life of others. Such friends can put you in trouble and sometimes because of them, it can even cost your life. You must be going for a bike ride with your friends, so always keep in mind that avoid riding a ‘lehariya cut’ bike, otherwise showing stunts can be heavy. same on social media video is very viral nowadays ,Viral Videos) is happening, from which everyone needs to learn.

In the video, two friends are going somewhere by scooty, but the one who is driving the bike is driving the car in a very dangerous way. While hitting the ‘wave cut’, he sometimes goes here and sometimes there. He does not care at all that after falling from the bike, his life can also be lost and it can be fatal for the one he is sitting behind. He is not even wearing a helmet from above. In such a situation, the slightest mistake could have taken his life.

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IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra shared this video on his Twitter handle and wrote in the caption, ‘Know which friends are good to give up’ in just 5 seconds. Actually, this video of just a few seconds gives the biggest lesson of life that one should stay away from such friends, who do not care about anyone’s life.

This video has been viewed more than 2 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video. At the same time, some people have given their own reactions by commenting. One user has written, ‘He will die himself and will kill others too!’, while another user has written, ‘License should be canceled of such people… only then the life of others will be safe’. Similarly, another user has commented in a funny way, ‘When will the snake charmer take his life while doing the serpent dance … no one knows. Be alert be careful.

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