Keep these things in mind while giving PAN card details, otherwise it will be a big loss

We all use Pan Card and every day we are sharing our PAN card somewhere or the other. But today we are going to tell you what are the things that you should keep in mind while sharing the PAN card.

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PAN Card either Aadhaar Card Before using it, you people should take care of some things. Let us tell you that your one mistake can cause you a big loss. Today we are going to give you some important tips which if you keep in mind then you can keep the amount lying in your bank account safe from the people who commit fraud.

Remind that earlier this year, actor Rajkumar Rao was also affected by online fraud. Rajkumar Rao had informed by tweeting that he has been scammed due to which his CIBIL Score has been greatly affected. If you want to avoid scam, then it is very important to have information related to PAN card.

Uses of PAN Card

PAN card is used for many purposes, such as opening a bank account, filing income tax returns, etc. In the PAN card, along with the necessary information of the card holder, a PAN number is also given. If you share your PAN card somewhere, then some things should be kept in mind.

If you want to avoid scams related to PAN card, then the first way is to avoid sharing your PAN card with anyone, if you have shared it, keep checking its details continuously. As we told you above that the scam with Rajkumar Rao had affected his CIBIL score, in such a situation, we would advise you to keep checking your CIBIL Score from time to time.

How to check CIBIL Score

You can get information related to PAN Card by visiting the official site of CIBIL Score. You can also take the help of Paytm App to check CIBIL Score, how to check CIBIL Score by visiting Paytm App, now let us give you step by step information about this.

  • Go to Paytm app and search after typing Credit Score in the search bar.
  • On searching the credit score, an option will appear in front of you, as soon as you click on this option, some important details will be asked from you.
  • First you have to enter the name, after that you will be asked to enter the date of birth and email id. After this you will be asked to enter your PAN card details.
  • As soon as you enter the PAN card details, you will get information related to your credit score.

Pan card was not shared yet scam happened

Many such cases have also come to the fore, in which money has been withdrawn from people’s accounts even without sharing the PAN card. Avoid sharing PAN card to avoid such scams, if shared, check its details continuously.

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