Karan Johar’s name in Salman Khan threat case, Bishnoi gang blames for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Saurabh Mahakal was the one to collect 5 crores

Karan Johar

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Filmmaker Karan Johar’s name was also included in the hit list, according to the reply given by Saurabh Mahakal to Pune Police during interrogation in connection with the threat to Salman Khan. The Bishnoi gang blames Karan Johar for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Super Star Salman Khan (Salman KhanNow a new disclosure has come to the fore in the case of threatening. The connection of Pune in Maharashtra came to the fore in the murder of famous Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Moose Wala. Santosh Jadhav and Saurabh Mahakal were arrested in this case. In the interrogation of Pune Police, accused Saurabh Mahakal (S)aurabh) statement has been recorded. Saurabh Mahakal has made many sensational revelations in his reply to the Pune Police. Saurabh has said that after Salman Khan, the famous filmmaker Karan Johar (K.aran joharThere was also a plan to recover 5 crores from it.

According to the reply given by Saurabh Mahakal to Pune Police during interrogation in the case of threatening Salman Khan, the name of film maker Karan Johar was also included in the hit list of Mahakal and Bishnoi gang. 5 crore was to be recovered from Karan Johar. Actually Bishnoi gang blames Karan Johar for the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. That’s why Karan Johar was in the target of Bishnoi gang. According to Saurabh Mahakal, he works for Vikram Brar, who lives in Dubai. He was connected to Vikram through the Signal app. Vikram Bishnoi is an important member of the gang.

After Saurabh Mahakal, Santosh Jadhav also denied being related to Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder.

But Saurabh Mahakal has denied Sidhu Muse Wala’s connection with the murder in his interrogation with the Pune Police. Now the second accused Santosh Jadhav has also denied having any connection with this case. Santosh Jadhav says that the Punjab Police has implicated him by calling him the main shooter. Sidhu Moose Wala was murdered on 29 May. At that time he was in Gujarat. In this regard, Pune Rural Superintendent of Police Abhinav Deshmukh organized a press conference today.

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‘Santosh Jadhav has links with Bishnoi gang for three years’

In the press conference, Abhinav Deshmukh told that two associates of Santosh Jadhav were arrested by the Narayangaon police near Pune today. Pistols were recovered from him. 13 guns and mobiles were recovered. A vehicle was also seized. Jeevan Singh Nahar and one of his accomplices have been given five days police custody. Deshmukh told that some henchmen of Santosh Jadhav and Bishnoi gang were sent to Madhya Pradesh, from there they have been brought. Pune Police said that there is a relationship between Santosh Jadhav and the Bishnoi gang for three years. Bishnoi gang has reach up to five-six states. Some people of this gang are also abroad. In Maharashtra, the police is doing the work of investigating the links of this gang.

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