Journey from land to sky, those 5 common people who raised the flag of success, wrote their own luck

It is said that success is not dependent on anyone, it can be achieved by anyone at any time, provided the effort is honest. These 5 common people proved this to be true, who wrote their own destiny and traveled from earth to heaven…

Nitin Kamath, Rachna Ranade and Ravi Handa

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Common man when success story (Common Man Success Stories) When someone writes, the story behind it becomes a source of inspiration for millions of people. Today here we are talking about 5 such common people. (Five Most Successful Aam Aadmi) Will give information, who were not only successful…but they also broke many notions. Made a mark in new areas and also set up new business models.

These are the people who came from very simple families, but their honest efforts and hard work made them the new pioneers of success. Well let’s talk about this first Zerodha Founder Nitin Kamath of…

Nithin Kamath: Loved the stock market since the age of 17

All the people investing in the stock market must know about Zerodha. Share market love of Nitin Kamath, founder of this number-1 share broking platform of the country (Share market love) Started at age 17. While studying at Bangalore Institute of Technology, he invested in some penny stocks. Then also did multi-level marketing with a company like Amway.

In an interview to ET, he told that he lost his entire savings of Rs 5 lakh in the year 2001 in the greed of earning quick money. Then worked in the call center. Her life changed when a big man in America asked her to manage his stock portfolio. Then in 2005 he started his brokerage firm Kamath and Associates The story of Zerodha which started in 2010 is well known. Today Zerodha is one of the largest trading platform not only in India but also in the world.

Rachana Ranade: The passion of teaching made ‘Finance Guru’

Next story in this episode Rachna Ranade, who is a ‘Social Media Sensation’ today (Social Media Sensation) Huh. Although she has not reached this point because of some kind of reel or fashion diva. Rather, she gives people ‘finance knowledge’ on social media. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Rachna Ranade is passionate about teaching, and enjoys explaining financial terms in simple language. This is what has made him ‘Finance Guru’.

Rachna Ranade, who lectures in several institutes in Pune, uploaded a video of her teaching to her students. This 95 minute long video went viral. What was it then, he used to enjoy this work earlier, he started posting more videos. Today there are more than 40 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. The annual earning is around Rs 1.6 crore. There are 3.7 lakh followers on a separate channel in Marathi language.

Ravi Handa: Will understand ‘Handa’s fund’

If you are one of those who study online, then you Unacademy You must have heard the name of But have you heard the name of Ravi Handa? Ravi Handa is the person who has made the dream of taking retirement come true at the age of less than 40 years. In the year 2006, Ravi Handa started teaching in an MBA coaching class. yourself IIT-Kharagpur Handa studied from, shifted from Kolkata to Jaipur due to his passion for teaching.

Later in the year 2010, he experimented with Ed-Tech. After many small efforts, he got success in 2013 when he started Handa ka funda. It was an edu-tech company that MBA coaching and CAT Used to provide e-learning platform for the preparation of. In the year 2021, his company was acquired by ‘Unacademy’, Handa continued to work with them for the next year and a half. Now that early retirement (Early Retirement) Have taken

Punit Pandey: A success story written by stars

In this episode we AstroSage How can we ignore the story of Puneet Pandey. He is such a person who, while reading the stars of others, made the star of his luck shine. Coming from Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh, Puneet Pandey had a good stable job in America. But his mind was not there and he returned to India. Coming here, he developed an online astrology portal that tells the future.

Puneet Pandey was interested in astrology from the age of 9 only. In 2000, after completing his master’s degree in computer science from Agra University, Pandey started investing in tech stocks. But in 2002 he got into debt. After that in 2004 a company sent him to America and when he came back in 2010, he AstroSage started.

Dhruv Rathee: YouTube made a star

It is possible that many people do not like Dhruv Rathi, do not care about his ideology. But his success story is just 8 years old. While doing an internship in Germany, when Dhruv Rathi felt that he was not comfortable in a 9 to 5 job, he started making short videos. In an interview to ET, he said that he had never taken YouTube videos as a career.

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Today the number of subscribers of Dhruv Rathi is 94 lakhs. About 50 million views come on his videos every month. Initially, it took him a year to earn $100 before YouTube. Later it took 3 years to reach the base of one lakh subscribers. Whereas today his earning is in lakhs of rupees.

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