Jersey: Hindi dubbed film in Telugu is already uploaded on YouTube, Shahid Kapoor did not panic even after knowing; Know the reason

Shahid Kapoor is going to be seen in the film Jersey

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Recently, Shahid Kapoor reached an event of his film (Shahid Kapoor Jersy) where he was asked why he did this film. Actually, the film in which Shahid has worked is the Hindi version of a Telugu film.

Shahid Kapoor (Shahid KapoorFans were eagerly waiting for the film ‘Jersey’. In such a situation, now the release date of Jersey is approaching. Film on 14th April (Jersey Release Date) is coming to theaters. In such a situation, the promotion of the film is in full swing. Recently Shahid Kapoor at an event of his film (Shahid Kapoor Jersy) where he was asked why he did this film. Actually, the film in which Shahid has worked is the Hindi version of a Telugu film. The special thing is that the Hindi dubbed version of this Telugu film is uploaded on YouTube. On this Shahid Kapoor said that this is a Hindi fiction movie of a Telugu film. In such a situation, it is quite different from the original. During this, Shahid also told that he too has seen that YouTube movie. Not only this, some people of his team have also seen that film. Shahid told that after watching that film everyone’s reaction comes full of laughter.

Shahid Kapoor has seen that dubbed film..

Shahid Kapoor told- ‘I have seen that YouTube movie. That’s a different edit. The dubbing in it is also different. When I went and asked the director about this, he was very upset. So he said – no no no I saw that film, don’t know what he did with that film. He made my film some other film. A couple of people in my team have also seen that film. So the first question I asked was, what do you think? Then when they also saw the Telugu original film, and then when our film was made, everyone laughed and said that they have made the story something different.

Shahid Kapoor was also in ‘Kabir Singh’

Shahid continued- ‘I would like to say that even when I did ‘Kabir Singh’, people had asked me this. Then this question was more scary for me that man what if these people were right! Many Hindi audiences had also seen ‘Arjun Reddy’. This film was on Netflix and people saw it and appreciated it, even then people said that man, he has seen the film, but I think the story is the same but when you are making a new film then you have to watch it. Have to re-discover.

What is the difference between the original and the remake, Shahid Kapoor explained

The actor further said- ‘When we made Kabir Singh, then we also gave that Punjabi attitude to the character. DU has a different vibe, that of Create Key. Then brought the atmosphere of Bombay. We will bring more hard core Punjab inside this film. There are scenes of Chandigarh in the film, proper Punjabi has been spoken. It is not like anywhere that we have continued this only in Hindi. But you will understand that the film is in simple language.

Shahid said about the film ‘Jersey’..

Shahid Kapoor told- ‘The film Jersey is very different from the original film. The girl is in Telugu in this, Vidya’s character. We meet in college and fall in love. Then how much life changes after marriage. So I think if you make a good film and don’t copy paste it, it will be made with a fresh perspective and audience will like it. It is also that the audience is very different. People who watch dubbed movies on YouTube, they come less in theaters. Research has been done on this. So different types of people consume different things. When we did Kabir Singh too, the response was different, if someone liked the original film, then they wanted to see critically that now we will play his band. So there were some people who heard about the picture that if there is such a film then you have to go to see it. So there were some who had not even heard of it, so they felt that a new film should be seen. So all this doesn’t matter, the film should be good.

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