IPL 2022: Groundsman father saw Sachin-Zaheer’s career being made, son reached five star hotel after coming out of tent, Dhoni-Jadeja’s company will change life!

Ravindra Jadeja and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are important links of Chennai Super Kings. (File Photo)

The father of this player has been working as a groundsman for four decades and he has seen many stars illuminate in front of him.

The Indian Premier League has changed the lives of many leagues. From money to career, after coming to this league, the player lives a new life. Many great cricketers of India have emerged from this league, whether it is Hardik Pandya or Rishabh Pant. Chennai Super Kings (Chennai Super Kings) are in. The name of this player is Salman Khan. (Salman Khan). Salman IPL-2022 (IPL 2022) I am in the camp of Chennai Super Kings and working as a net bowler. He hopes that Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja can change his life. However, the lifestyle Salman, who is currently living with Chennai, is also very new for him, which he used to dream of.

Salman lives in a small tent at Mumbai Cross Maidan. There his father works as a groundsman. He has been doing the same thing on this ground for four decades and has seen from Sachin Tendulkar to Zaheer Khan grow up and play for the country. His dream is that his son also plays for the country one day.

Tell us about the condition of five star hotels at home

Salman does some different things at this time in his house. He tells how his hotel is and what kind of life he is living at the moment. Although this is for a short time, but he gives all kinds of information about it at his home. The English newspaper The Indian Express has told about this in its report. Talking at his house, Salman says, “Yeh dekho swimming pool. Just like Maldives.

He tells that nowadays he does some different things at home. His father asks him about what happened in the nets but also asks how is the hotel where he is staying and whether he met Mahendra Singh Dhoni and what happened to him. Mumbai’s Nariman Point Hotel is very famous and Salman had not seen it from inside before.

friend suggested name

Another player from Mumbai made Salman’s entry in Chennai Super Kings. Salman said, “One day I got a call from the official of Chennai Supak Kings asking if I can join the team as a net bowler this season. I came to know that my name was told by another Mumbai player Tushar Deshpande. I was very excited because I would get a chance to learn otherwise I would have only played club cricket.”

father says this

Salman told that his father tells him to do good because if his life changes, the life of the whole house will change. He told, “Abbu calls on the phone and says, do good, if your good will be good then ours will also be good. Delight in bowling. All I say is that I will do my best.”

everyone is equal in chennai

The light of the floodlights of Wankhede Stadium reaches Salman’s house. He sends his photos with Dhoni to his family members. Salman talks to Dhoni and Chennai captain Jadeja and asks them about their bowling. He told, “I spoke to Mahi bhai and Jadeja. I want to learn from these two, these two months can change my life. I asked Mahi bhai about my bowling. He had said that Salman sees the off-spinner hitting everyone in T20, so put a little mind. To think more.”

father hopes

Salman’s father Idris is happy that his son has got a big opportunity. He said, “I am very happy for him. I’m a little man I want him to do well in life. After 40 years of being a groundsman, I have seen people become stars. I want my son to play good cricket and stand on his own feet.”

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