IPL 2022 Covid-19 cases: Time has come for IPL to stop, watch and then move on

After the Corona case in Delhi Capitals, the support staff was sitting with a mask on.

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In IPL 2022, nine cases of corona virus have been reported inside Delhi Capitals. These include two players and four support staff members. However, no match of the team has been postponed.

– Nikhil Narayan – Atishay Jain

When something like this happens for the first time it is called a mistake. But when the warning is ignored and allowed to happen for the second year also, it will be called utter absurdity. IPL 2022 in Delhi Capitals (Delhi Capitals) Despite six cases of COVID-19 being reported in the camp IPL It was decided to continue the 15th season of This decision is undoubtedly the BCCI (BCCI) is like calling for a disaster. On April 1, only 1,335 cases of COVID-19 were reported in India, but on Friday, the number rose to 2,451. It is also a fact that the numbers are increasing rapidly in the national capital Delhi and the contribution of Delhi in the figures of Corona at the national level is almost half. On the basis of the past trend, it can also be said that after the increase in infection in one metro, usually the number of other metro has also increased.

Currently, Mumbai is reporting around 100 cases a day, but if the figures continue to rise, it will not take much time for Maximum City (Mumbai) to catch the NCR region. BCCI should take a lesson from recent history. Last season had to be stopped suddenly when the virus engulfed the KKR and CSK camps. Earlier, SRH and DC also became victims of the virus. The tournament had to be postponed and its second part was played in the United Arab Emirates in September-October.

IPL 2022 must be stopped!

The current season is adding a bit more complexity as fans have been allowed into the stands to watch the game. It is worth noting that such things were not there in the last season. Instead of waiting for any bad luck this season, BCCI should adopt a precautionary policy. According to this policy, it should stop now and can start again when the cases of COVID-19 start decreasing. If this does not happen, then many players and members of the support staff will be affected by this.

Why IPL 2022 should not stop

We now live in a world that has learned to live with COVID-19. It is to be noted that now vaccines are easily available and the world has slowly but surely returned to normalcy. So why should IPL be any different? Various sports are being organized across the world under strict guidelines to ensure that the virus does not spoil all the fun. For example, many camps in the English Premier League or the National Football League were heavily damaged by the outbreak of COVID cases. But instead of stopping the competition, the league persevered and devised new ways to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Similarly, there is no need to stop IPL after COVID-19 cases surfaced in DC Camp. The matches are being conducted under strict guidelines and the BCCI is well prepared to handle minor hiccups.

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The number of daily cases has increased in India during the last one or two weeks, but the rate of death and hospitalization is under control. Also, there has not been a significant increase in COVID cases in Mumbai and Pune. These are the two cities where IPL matches are being played. Therefore, postponing the IPL at this time will prove to be a dangerous approach. Stopping the league now would be disastrous for the game as well.

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