IPL 2022: After the defeat of KKR, will Delhi Capitals be the fourth team in the playoffs? understand the full equation

Delhi Capitals is currently at number four in the points table.

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There are still obstacles in the way of Rishabh Pant’s team, which if he does not remove himself, then the other team can get the benefit of it.

IPL 2022 Playoffs (IPL Playoff) The team of Kolkata Knight Riders has been out of the race. The 2 run defeat by Lucknow Super Giants ruined his hopes. Now the question is whether Kolkata (KKR) The fourth team in the playoffs after being eliminated Delhi Capitals (Delhi Capitals) Will it be? Has the road to Delhi been cleared by being outside Kolkata? If seen at first glance, the answer seems to be yes. But, there are still obstacles in the way of Rishabh Pant’s team, which if he does not remove himself, then the other team can get the benefit of it. That is, Delhi Capitals have the highest chances of reaching the playoffs. But, the picture is yet to come.

Kolkata has 12 points in IPL 2022 after playing 14 matches. Had she defeated Lucknow, she would have had 14 points. And, in that case, he would have been the biggest obstacle in the way of Delhi Capitals. Because, among the teams trapped in the screw of the playoff, it was the only team whose net runrate was in plus.

Delhi’s trouble is not over yet

Well, the story of Kolkata ended in front of Delhi. But still there is no room for error for them. Because, there is still hope for Royal Challengers Bangalore. In the points table, with 14 points in 13 matches, Delhi’s team is at the fourth place with the run rate in plus. At the same time, Royal Challengers Bangalore also has 14 points in 13 matches. But due to the run rate in minus, this team is at number 5.

Now in such a situation, it is necessary for both the teams to win in their last remaining group match. But there is a slight twist in this too. Where the work of Delhi will be done only by victory. On the other hand, Royal Challengers Bangalore would need a win but at least with a margin of more than 80 runs or with 60 balls to spare. It is also important to see here that with which team is the last group match of both the teams. Delhi has to face Mumbai Indians on 21st May. While the Bangalore team is taking on Gujarat Titans on 19 May.

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Delhi must avoid making a mistake

It is clear that the turn of going to the playoffs is tilted towards the team of Delhi. Because if there is no reversal then it is not a big deal for him to beat Mumbai which is out of race. But, it is a bit difficult for Royal Challengers Bangalore to win by a huge margin against Gujarat. That is, if Delhi Capitals are now out of the playoffs, then it will be due to their own fault and not due to the kindness of the other team.

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