iPhone Hidden Features: The tasks for which you spend hours, secretly solves your iPhone in a pinch

Your iPhone can do these five things.

There are many special features in the iPhone, which make the work of the users easier. However, there are some hidden features in the iPhone, which common users are less aware of. Here you can know about five such features of iPhone.

iPhone Hidden Features: iPhone is the world’s most bought smartphone (iPhone) is one of the. Its great features help it to forget its expensive price. if you have iphone 12 Or 13, so you know how advanced these versions are from the previous versions. Although Apple gives more than one feature to the iPhone, but there are few users who are able to make full use of the iPhone. There are many amazing features in the iPhone, about which very few users are aware. That’s why today we are telling you about those hidden features.

Get rid of Spam Call

There is hardly any user who likes spam calls. The telemarketer’s calls coming several times a day are enough to bother you. But a hidden feature of iPhone can get rid of spam calls. You can silence Unkown Number in iOS 15. After this no spam call or wrong number will bother you.

Find specific words on Safari

Android users get the facility of Find on the Chrome browser. With the help of this feature, users can search for a particular word using the browser. You get the same feature in the iPhone as well. You can search for any specific word by typing the word you want to find in the iPhone’s search bar, then selecting On this page.

keyboard shortcuts

If you are tired of typing big words, then this feature will help you a lot. You can add any Sentence/Phrase by going to iPhone’s Settings. Go to the keyboard’s settings and select Phrase in the Text Replacement option. After this, type the Sentence/Phrase you want to add and save it.

Undo-Redo with three fingers

It is common to make mistakes while typing. Therefore Undo or Redo feature is given. But you can Undo or Redo by tapping just three fingers in the text field of iPhone. Apart from this, you can also Undo by shaking the iPhone. At the same time, shaking twice causes redo. You can also turn off the shake feature by going to the settings.

Create Website Pdf

This is a wonderful feature for iPhone users. If you like an article etc., then you share it by taking a screenshot. But Apple users will not need to do all this. While taking a screenshot from iPhone, go to the Screenshot Editor and select Full Page. With this you can create PDF of the entire webpage.

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