Inverter AC vs normal 5 star AC: What is the difference between the two and who saves more power

Inverter AC vs normal 5 star AC: Inverter or 5 star which is better.

Inverter AC vs normal 5 star AC: First of all, let us understand that Inverter AC does not run on inverter. Inverter technology means that this technology converts AC current to DC current.

Inverter AC vs normal 5 star AC: Summer is at its peak and many people are planning to buy a new AC for themselves. But the first thing that comes to mind before buying a new one is that window and split ,Windows AC Vs Spit ACWhich AC should I take? After that the second attention goes that 5 star or inverter AC, which one should choose. If you have similar confusion, then today we are going to tell you the difference between these two types of AC. First of all, we tell the way of working of these two types of AC, after that we will talk about which AC saves more electricity.

Actually, the compressor of non-inverter AC is on and off, whereas the motor of the compressor installed in inverter AC is always on, just its speed becomes less and more. Let us understand this as an example, when the inverter is of AC form. If the temperature is reached at a fixed time, then the motor for its compressor slows down instead of shutting down. In such a situation, when the compressor starts working again, instead of turning on the motor, only the speed increases. Whereas the motor installed in the conventional compressor is on and off.

BEE star rated air conditioners

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) institute works under the Ministry of Power under the Government of India and this institution can be created in March 2002. This agency gives ratings based on energy consumption, which ranges from 1 to 5. The same happens with AC, the more power the AC saves, the better the power saving rating ie stars it gets. This organization gives star rating to each AC on the energy consumption of the year.

who saves more

Actually, after understanding the technology of 5 Star AC and Inverter AC, let us tell that AC motor needs more power to turn on the AC compressor. In this case, AC without inverter consumes more power than inverter AC. Although 5 star AC does more power saving, but if you choose between 3 star inverter AC and 3 star non-inverter AC, then inverter AC proves to be a better option.

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