Industrialist Harsh Goenka shared such a video on the condition of India, seeing the public said – Sirji is absolutely right!

This tweet of industrialist Harsh Goenka in discussion

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Harsh Goenka Viral Tweet: A tweet by industrialist Goenka is making a lot of headlines. Actually, Goenka has shared such a video on the current situation of India, after watching which netizens are saying – you are absolutely right.

Harsh Goenka, chairperson of RPG Enterprises, is one of those industrialists in India who are very active on social media especially Twitter. There is something interesting in each of his posts. Sometimes he is seen praising a young talent, sometimes he wins the hearts of netizens by sharing motivational tips and creative posts. At present, a tweet by industrialist Goenka (Harsh Goenka Tweet) is making a lot of headlines. Actually, goenka has shared such a video on the current situation of India, after watching which netizens are saying – you are absolutely right. So let’s know what is it in this video, which is attracting the attention of people.

In the video shared by industrialist Harsh Goenka on Twitter, an attempt has been made to tell through text how social media has become a means of poisoning the hearts and minds of people. According to the video, if you are a Muslim and suddenly feel unsafe in the country where you have been living for years…if you are a Hindu and suddenly start thinking that cow slaughter is happening all around…if you are Dalit and life You have started feeling humiliated every moment of…if you are a Jain and suddenly you feel that your religiosity is being compromised…then do one thing. Stay away from social media. Stay away from debates on religion. Look at the people of different religions and communities around you. Then you will know that you are living in the best country in the world.

here is the video

Industrialist Goenka has shared a video of 1 minute 10 seconds. In whose caption he wrote with emoji of three Indian flags, The Best. This video, shared a few hours ago, has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. At the same time, more than 10 thousand people have liked the post so far. Apart from this, 3 thousand people have also retweeted. Along with this, people are continuously registering their feedback.

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