India’s profit of $ 30 on 1 barrel from Russian oil, why did Ukraine’s minister feel chilly?

India is making huge profits amid the war between Russia and Ukraine. The reason for this is getting crude oil from Russia at cheap prices. But a minister of Ukraine has been annoyed by this thing, and he has taken a dig at India regarding this.

Ukraine’s foreign minister unhappy over buying cheap crude oil from Russia

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Russia and Ukraine war (Russia-Ukraine War) After the western countries imposed economic sanctions on Russia (Economic Sanctions on Russia) If he applied, then he discounted rate (Discounted Russian Crude Oil) But started selling crude oil to big countries like India and China. India also benefited tremendously from this and it is saving about $ 30 on each barrel of crude oil. But Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba did not like this at all and he has said this big thing.

What did the foreign minister of Ukraine say?

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba) Said in an interview to an Indian news channel, ‘India has got an opportunity to buy Russian oil at cheap prices. But it is not hidden from anyone that due to Russia’s aggressive attitude, the people of Ukraine are suffering daily and they are dying everyday.

He said that if you are benefiting from our troubles, then we would love to be helped by you.

Reply to Foreign Minister’s statement

This statement of Dimitro Kuleba, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar (Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar) Has come on Monday’s statement. s. Jaishankar had said that between February and November this year, the European Union (European Union) Countries have bought more fossil fuel from Russia than many countries. His statement came about India’s displeasure over buying oil from Russia.

This is how India is getting profit from Russian oil

According to media reports, India has benefited about Rs 35,000 crore from crude oil imported from Russia. Some important things related to this are as follows…

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  1. At present, about 12 percent of the country’s total oil purchase is coming from Russia.
  2. During April-July, India’s oil imports from Russia increased eight-fold to $11.2 billion.
  3. Since March, when India increased imports from Russia, imports have gone above $12 billion.
  4. Crude oil worth about $7 billion has been imported only in June and July.
  5. Crude oil imports from Russia are expected to reach $13.5 billion by the end of 2022.
  6. Import of crude oil from Russia in India has increased 10 times in 2022.
  7. India has imported 6.6 lakh tonnes of crude oil from Russia in the first quarter. In the second quarter, it increased to 84.2 lakh tonnes.
  8. During this, India is getting a discount of $ 30 per barrel of crude oil from Russia.

English Headline : Why Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is not happy with India buying Russian Crude Oil, How it is beneficial for our country?

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