Indians keep such common passwords, breaking which is as easy as opening the door latch

According to the list released by NordPass, these are the weakest passwords.

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10 world’s most common passwords used: Today we are going to tell you about the 10 most common passwords that users use to unlock their online accounts.

10 world’s most common passwords used: There are many types of accounts on the Internet, which are Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Instagram Feature) etc. To protect them, the company asks to prepare a unique password, which only we remember and it should never reach anyone else. But many Indians use such common passwords, which are very weak and they are also very easy to open. After this, they can play with your data and if you have saved any account related information there or if it has been saved unknowingly then they can misuse it.

Actually, many hackers ask and scare you to leak your personal photos and data. In return, he can also demand a substantial amount. That’s why it is important that users make sure the password of their account is strong. The annual list of Nord Passwords has been released, in which the list of ‘Most Common Passwords’ has been released. After seeing the passwords present in this list, those people will understand, who use such weak passwords.

  1. Password: Most of the many logs keep the password of their account, which is the most common password. 123456: The second most common password used as the password is 123456.
  2. 123456789: The most common password of the third type is 123456789. Many people also use this password a lot.
  3. 12345678 This is the fourth most common type of password used. With the help of this password any user can login to your account.
  4. 1234567890: The fifth type of password is that people use passwords ranging from one to 0.
  5. 1234567: This is the most commonly used password in the sixth place.
  6. qwerty: This is the most commonly used password in the seventh place.
  7. abc123 : 8th most used common password.
  8. xxx : This password is the ninth most used password, although many websites do not recommend a three-digit password.
  9. iloveyou : The tenth most common password type is iloveyou.

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